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10 000 Community Members Milestone Freeroll & other stuff

I noticed that we moving closer & closer to the 10 000 Community Members Milestone achievement .

I know it's a little bit early but...Well Done & Congrats to Unibet & all the Mods. Job Well Done !!!

OK... so here is my question/suggestions ?  *( Please feel free to add your suggestions Community Members, from Bingo to Sports betting & everything in between. I'm mainly a poker customer, so my idea/suggestions will be mostly poker related yeah )

I was wondering if there was a Poker Freeroll in the pipeline for the 10k Community Members Milestone ? If so, could I suggest that it has a format that goes something like this. Actually I would Hearts to see 3 freerolls ( just to make it fair for all members, new & old... & to give the Members who have been around a little longer a little reward by upping their chips in the second tourney & thirdly a flat out fair to all flip tourney ). The first suggested one would just be a plain, run of the mill Tourney, lets call it the 10 000 Community Members Milestone 1A . Something like a 2c bounty tourney with a 10 000c prize pool, open to all Members.

Lets call the second Tourney the 10 000 Community Members Milestone 1B , it would have a format that goes something like this... your starting chips are calculated as follows. ( Amount of time as a member of the Community ) X ( Community Rank ) = Starting Chips... open to all Members.

Both Tourneys 1A  & 1B will feature bountys on any Mods that can make it to play.

The third Tourney will be known as the  10 000 Community Members Milestone 1C. This will be a all-in, flip Tourney where everyone starts with 1 chip, top 10 get paid, open to all Members.

For Bingo my suggestion is 1 Bingo competition where members get tickets according to their Community Rank eg :- Rank 10 = 10 Bingo tickets...

or, a Bingo competition where all Community Members get 10 tickets to a once off 10 000 Community Members Milestone Bingo Competition. 

Let us know what you think & add your own suggestions & ideas. 10 000 Members is around the corner !!!

Rank 25

Poker tournament chips could be rank x 100 or 1000 (depending structure and level changes) like suggested earlier for some tournament. Everyone would have chance to win but higher ranked members would get some advantage Smile

Rank 16


I agree to the poker thingy you listed, sound nice.

But when it come to Bingo it should be something based on members Loyalty...that sound fair to me Wink

Missing something for Casino part, Unibet is after all a Casino idea about it, not awake when writing this, need more coffe lol

So just hope the staff in Unibet for once hit the big drums...maybe like AC\DC Thunderstruck XD

Any thought on this @Ray-Unibet @MarcoV ?

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@Zipfil I agree with what you said... * (when it come to Bingo it should be something based on members Loyalty ) but it should also include all members, so how about this suggestion. Just like poker, there are 3 Bingo celebration games. 

The first one will be called the 10 000 Community Members Milestone Bingo Game 1A. The format of this game will be as follows... all Community Members get 10 free bingo tickets to this Game.

The second game called the 10 000 Community Members Milestone Bingo Game 1B. In this game Community Members get tickets according to their Community Rank. Rank 4 = 40 tickets Rank 23 = 230 Tickets or...

the ( Members Community Rank ) X ( the time they have been a Member ) ÷ by a certain factor to make the tickets reasonable = the number of tickets the Member gets to use on certain celebration games on Celebration Day.

& the third game 10 000 Community Members Milestone Bingo Game 1C, I need some suggestions from the Bingo Champs in the community, They will know more which format will be cool. 

Let me know what you think & lets have some suggestions for the third Bingo game ?

oh by the way... my favourite version of AC\DC Thunderstruck... check out these Hillbilly's rocking it out... enjoy !

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About the Bingo Loyalty level in Bingo, like mine is 400 ish...use that for part C

Also maybe a sort of bonus for those who use their nickname in Bingo, same or close to here Wink

Still should be something about slots...Casino part missing Tongue

I have been a member since startup but my rank here in Community is not high att all ...strange actually....but that is ok...

Rank 18

Good idea, but I also miss something for the casino. 

Rank 23

@steppek77 all I can think of for the casino part of things is freespins    LOL

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 slowly getting warmer

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How come getting warmer... It is one of the hottest summer in Europe, we dont want any warmer. 



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On a serious note: yeah, 10k members sounds crazy. Wow

Rank 10

Pokertournaments for menber´s sounds goodCool

Livertool said: Poker tournament chips could be rank x 100 or 1000 (depending structure and level changes) like suggested earlier for some tournament. Everyone would have chance to win but higher ranked members would get some advantage.

That`s good idea.

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Slowly but surely gettting there Thumbs Up

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Great job Unibet and very nice suggestion Ok  

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how can i participate UOS freeroll tournament???

Rank 15

@zara942 im sorry but this freeroll is a final for members who played qualify tours first , so its a special one, not a normal freeroll ,but check out the mysterie uos freeroll page to find out how you can join the other freerolls , have  anice day and gl in your games

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@Hothuw I think tomorrow is going to be the day Thumbs Up

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Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,

Creeps up this number from day to day,

To the highest number of recorded time;

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to join the club. Out out brief candle

Life but a walking shadow, a poor player

That gets his chips all in pre-flop.

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by a donk, full of sound and fury

And being stacked.*

Screenshot (439)_LI.jpg 

* Apologies to Will. Rofl

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@GR1ZZL3RI've spotted @Nestabear enjoying the song.

Great Song.Great Song.


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17 to go. It is going to happen very soon Popeye

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Such great ideas SmileOk

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Rank 15
9989 members right now. Hope for 10,000 before Monday.


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DEFINITELY Today..........or tomorrow.Smile

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 @Purps   I wonder what kind of prize the 10 000th Member to join gets ?

Rank 15
Rank 15
Yes, it's close now Smile