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CharismaMan Rank 21
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BE49510F-1AB6-4B99-B9AF-F5825425F6E0.jpegThrow in yes in the next minute

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CharismaMan Rank 21
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XY Rank 20
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@BroederTuck wrote:

How about we all wait with posting bet slips until a mod can clear out these issues?

@Ray-Unibet @Jeppe-Unibet @Unibet-Official 

Yes!  Lead us,oh mighty WuDu,through this... Laugh

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XY Rank 20
Rank 20

@XY wrote:

@Unibet-Official wrote:



Rules and conditions:

  1. You must post a screenshot of your bet within and hour of placing it.
  2. You must post a screenshot of your bet when settled, within a day after the settlement occuring. 
  3. Your bet must be of at least €0.10 cents or equivelant in your local currency.
  4. General Unibet Terms and Conditions apply.

Guys here posted some good questions regarding this competition,and I am afraid this kind of setup will not work @Jeppe-Unibet .

Odds requirements and rounds are fine,but bets/screenshots need to be posted before the match otherwise we could trade all the time and have green betslips till the new season.
Also,you guys are not famous for quick updates therefore I am also concerned how fast "live betslips" will be checked... Smile

Also worth to ask,how will you treat void bets @Jeppe-Unibet ?
As a winners,like Ray did in last competitions,or we should make a new one if that occurs?

GothMoth Rank 19
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YlarP Rank 16
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