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XY Rank 20
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@psrquack wrote:

@XY wrote:


Slikovni rezultat za tourist beach


The person in the red swimming suit who is wearing sunglasses.

Good eye...

but for a wrong things. Laugh
BroederTuck Rank 15
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If you bet for example game winner in tennis in 40-40 situation, game might be over until you get the pick in here.

Pointing 1

Same goes for other games as well. Let's say I'm livebetting a volleybal game and score is 22-22 first set (first to 25 points). If I place a livebet on home team to win first set, the score could be 22-24 within half a minute and then I can decide to not post the bet on here. On the other hand the score could be 24-22 within half a minute (and the actual real time odds might be 1.05 at that point) and then I could post it here and still say I uploaded my bet here as fast as I could.

Just a recipe for disaster. It wouldn't create a fair competition.

cris1285 Rank 21
Rank 21

Livebets should be ok (as per terms and conditions), if you post it right after you placed the bet, and before its settled. Of course, fair play is more than welcome...

@Nestabear you have to make one pick until wednesday, and make an other one from thursday if you won. 

XY Rank 20
Rank 20

OK,times up.Juicy prize will be added into next competition. Smile

Buttom left was right answer...Unibet salary is not that good in summer time therefore extra job is necessary.


BUT always stay green! 

traart Rank 10
Rank 10

yes, and I livebetting total less on football (after 85 minutes) and can post when odds 1.1-1.2

GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
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@Livertool wrote:

@Nestabear wrote:

I'm so confused right now... can I place another bet or must I wait untill Wednesday & are live bets valid or not? @Unibet-Official @Jeppe-Unibet @Leo-Unibet 

I bet leo knows Tongue

"I don't see a loophole if you post a live bet IMMEDIATELY before any of the occurences happen. Geek"

If you bet for example game winner in tennis in 40-40 situation, game might be over until you get the pick in here.

And to @psrquack  Odds are capped 2 or higher so they don't go up after round four so this could be long without livebets too. 

In which case it's a bit silly to bet on those situations!

It Is What It Is
GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

I did point out that when this series was first aired there would be a lot of questions regarding unclear rules, which unfortunately has been the case. I also pointed out that commonsense was the correct approach, but if someone wants to make a bet that's likely to be settled before they have time to post it then commonsense is not prevailing. Out of the thousands of bets available each day, choosing that type of bet would seem to be a bit of a donk move. Geek Surely other options make more sense. I'd also like to point out that there has been no response from Mods which I think is a bit lacking, leaving far too much uncertainty. Anyway that's enough from me "Come on the Terriers" Smile

It Is What It Is