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Nestabear Rank 23
Rank 23

@FunckyFish wrote:


So if we lost a bet, we cannot start again from 3rd round with 3 bets @ 1.80? We are eliminated?

I think are right @FunckyFish, once you lose a bet your out. That's why it's called Hot Streak Betting yeah? 

Always remember... You can be... do... or have anything your heart desires !
FunckyFish Rank 14
Rank 14

Probably. Stupid Karlovic and his service... Smile

This betting competition should be monthly @Jeppe-Unibet in the community. The format it nice.

MadaV Rank 10
Rank 10

Mada Bet 2.PNG

Going to round 3 Cash

Good luck to all of you!

hajnalmaya96 Rank 10
Rank 10
fele007 Rank 10
Rank 10
Community Manager
Community Manager

€5 free bets are paid out to everyone eligible now Smile

YlarP Rank 18
Rank 18
CharismaMan Rank 21
Rank 21
CharismaMan Rank 21
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