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cris1285 Rank 21
Rank 21
YlarP Rank 16
Rank 16

Is everybody recieved their prizes? I didn't recieve mine Wonder @Jeppe-Unibet 

YlarP Rank 16
Rank 16

@Jeppe-Unibet wrote:

Apologies for the late prize update guys, it'll look like this:

1: @gyepedro for €300

2nd : @YlarP  for €200

Shared 3rd: @Ivanus and @GN1991 for €125 each.

Shared 5th: @Pesek  @comanimal  @FreedoM  for €70 each.

Shared 8th: @CreativeLe and @cris1285 for €30 each.

Shared 10th: @Purps @Babad you'll get for €10 each with no divide of prize.

Starting the crediting now from earlier posts for the prizes that aren't shared, but for the rest just put the wish here in the thread Smile

On a side note for the final round, I regret not having the question if someone from the crowd would run on the field like we had last year. It would have been a curveball that could have changed some things, but because it happened last year, I thought they'd have enough security to prevent it from happening only one year later.

Didn't recieve my prize yet. I would like poker bonus points. Thanks @Jeppe-Unibet Smile

Community Manager
Community Manager
MadAdo Rank 18
Rank 18

@MadAdo wrote:

@Jeppe-Unibet wrote:

@Ivanus Thank you for pointing it out for me so fast after my post!

Lastly, ANYONE who has scored points towards the leaderboard and are on the list in the post here but not in the top 10, are welcome to claim a €5 Community Poker ticket for either tonight or next Saturday Smile


@Jeppe-Unibet  I would like to claim Community Poker ticket for next Saturday please Smile Many thank you for entertaining competition and congratulations to all of winners.

@Jeppe-Unibet  many thank you for your donation to RAG (aka me Geek ):

jeppe.pngTickiet please! Very Happy

I will found a good use of it Cheeky