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                                                              Important notice

From 08.02.19 we have experienced that some withdrawals we have sent to players have been rejected by the players bank.
Now we have a new solution in place and as soon as we receive the withdrawal from the bank, the withdrawals will be sent out again. However, it will vary slightly from bank to bank how fast they return the withdrawals, we will resend them through the new solution as soon as the withdrawals have returned.
We hope and believe everyone who is affected will receive their withdrawal during this week, no later than the beginning of next week

The delays are due to the Norwegian Gaming Board instructing banks to reject the withdrawals of our players. This is what the Gaming Authority has done on a regular basis since 2017, and all our customers have always received their money, although in some cases it has caused some delays.

We remind you that Norwegian players are in their full right to play with us. We operate with a license within the EEA and we therefore have the right to offer our services to Norwegians.
We will nevertheless strongly regret that this has resulted in your withdrawal being delayed, and we can assure you that we are doing everything we can to get you the withdrawal as soon as possible.