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As a new year begins, so does a new time for the Unibet Community. Over the next months there should be a whole new crew here, which should be able to provide better coverage and more attentative service throughout the day. It's a good setup and something I've pushed on for quite a while as things have gotten too big here for just two guys Smile
For myself, it's time to move on to a new challenge. It's been a great run here and without singling anyone out and forgetting anyone else, I want to thank ALL of you amazing people for the good times both online, but most certainly also at live events like the Unibet Open, where we probably met a few hundred of you throughout the years - I had a great time every event, except the time I got a concussion Snowboarding in Sinai, that hurt Smile

And all the great colleagues Smile A big thank you and appreciation to @Stubbe-Unibet for ever coming up with the idea of opening this place, it's been great opportunities to develop for Marco, Ray, ReCorph and myself, all of who'm I've had the pleaeure of working with here over the years Heart
A big shoutout also goes out to @Leo-Unibet@Andy-Unibet and @Kris-Unibet, all part of running the poker product which I hope I can get to try out soon properly and compete a bit on the felt against some of you Smile 
Outside of the people online here, I also want to give kudos to a few people most of you don't know, but have been instrumental in getting the community and Unibet itself to be an attrative place to hang out and play. That includes my boss Kalev, former boss Ryan, and colleagues Ben, Louis, Katherine and Pierluigi - a wonderful group of people who do amazing work for all Unibet players Smile

Once again thank you to all the members here for the good times, I hope the best is yet to come for all of you Smile Heart




Former Community Manager