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Community Manager
Community Manager

Compete against fellow community members in our weekly Community Poker series - One evening a week, four tournaments, four different structures and four different buy in levels. To ramp it up, there'll be a raffle each week with exciting extra prizes Smile

Each tournament needs a password to join, you may find all passwords by logging in and checking the discussion thread found just below.

While this thread is reserved for updates on the promotion, please ask any questions you would like in the official Community Poker series discussion thread Smile

Each week we'll play four tournaments, all starting at the same time - 20.30 CET - In the first week we will play on Monday, the next week it will be Tuesday, the week after that Wednesday, etc. Seven weeks of poker completes a full cycle where the schedule is subject to change. For the first few weeks of the second cylce, these are the tournaments played each week:

€25 - 6 handed - 5000 starting stack - 8 minute blinds
€10 - 6 handed - 4000 starting stack - 8 minute blinds
€2 - 6 handed - 3000 starting stack - 7 minute blinds

The next round kicks off Thursday the 18th of April!

To join the fun, here's what's good to know:

  • Joining the tournaments requires both a password + cash buy in or MTT ticket of proper value.
  • Playing all Community Poker tournaments with a poker alias identical to, or very close to your community alias brings significant advantages Smile
  • After the tournaments start, a double raffle will be held. The first raffle decides the extra prizes and the second one which tournament gets them.
  • All Community Poker final tables count towards the Podium Hunters leaderboard challenges, no matter the total number of players entering.

And here's what you need to do:

  • Play with your community alias! To be eligible for the extra prizes, badges and potential Podium Hunters leaderboard points, you must play the tournaments with a poker alias identical, or very similar to your community alias. Please ask in the discussion thread if you're unsure if anything regarding your alias.
  • Join the tournaments in good time, there's no late registration Smile 


Monthly Winners SNG:

At the end of each month, all winners of Community Poker tournaments get the opportunity to face of in a "Winners sitn'go", that'll feature UO or UOS ticket as prizes. 


Yearly Leaderboard:

In the post below, we're counting all Community Fun tournament wins for all of 2019. The full prizes for the end of the year is still pending, but the number player wins a UO package for an event in 2020 Smile

Badge Information:

Earn these badges by winning Community Poker tournaments:

  1. "King/Queen of Community Poker" - 5 or more overall Community Poker tournament wins.
  2. "Community Emperor/Empress" - The person with the most overall Community Poker tournament wins.

Rules, terms and conditions:

  1. General Unibet Terms and Conditions apply.
  2. Don't cheat - Any players found colluding will be banned and lose eligibility to play in future Community Poker tournaments.
  3. You must be a member of Unibet Community to take part in the promotion.
  4. You must play Community tournaments with a poker alias identical, or very similar to your community alias to be eligible for extra prizes and badges.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Player                               Wins

@triceraatopp                       4
@comanimal                         3
@whereisrivaldo                   3
@Causality                            2
@MetalWolf                          2
@Ja-z-Polszy                         2
@goord                                  1
@Sadface1                            1 
@ProGame                            1
@traart                                   1
@McCallister                         1
@ZuDwa                                 1
@Neumanriel                         1
@FaiDeaEmo                         1
@chester110                         1
@miziel                                   1
@JokerJames95                   1
@cris1285                              1
@Psycho79                            1

Winners SNG Qualifiers - March

@comanimal , @chester110  , @whereisrivaldo ,  @triceraatopp , @Causality , @miziel  , @MetalWolf , @JokerJames95 , @Iceman , @ProGame , @cris1285 , 

@ProGame@Psycho79. Qualified from the €10 on Sunday the 17th of March as @mikemersey unfortunately didn't use the correct alias.

@Iceman Qualified from the €25 on Sunday the 17th of March as the winner - KapriKorn -  to my knowledge isn't a member here as of yet.