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themoth Rank 10
Rank 10

i have been a member of university a few years now and after sitting board one night I thought would have a good look at their promotions and found some bonus called a reward bonus.So I then decided to ask live chat why I had never received this despite depositing thousands off pounds in the last 4 years and also withdrawals.Even though a example of this bonus is showing that after£1000 depositing it says steward bonus example would be 50 pounds.Well why after depositing close to 10 thousand pounds over the years I have never received a deposit match bonus or a rewards bonus.my questionis this has anyone ever received a rewards bonus and for how much was it for and what did u have to deposit to get it


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @themoth,

If you could provide a bit of context I will try and help out: Is "university" a 3rd party affiliates site? And if so, was your Unibet account registered initially through them, or did you not become a member there until after signing up on Unibet?

The reason I'm asking is, that unless an account isn't initially signed up through the 3rd party site in question, it can't be connected to it subsequently as it would defeat the purpose of us cooperating with the site in question.