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YpresX Rank 15
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Steve Perry, Robin Schulz, Klingande, Kim Carnes, Taylor Swift, Taylor Momsen, Naamah, Varius Manx, Laleh, Mazzy Star, Hope Sandoval, Dżem - Ryszard Riedel, Vance Joy, The Royal Concept, Melissa.Flutes, Bevani Flute, Cigarettes After Sex, Florence + The Machine and C-Bool.

Magicadil Rank 25
Rank 25

A song I've been really enjoying lately

I debate
Should I smile like everything's good and pretend that life is great
Or should I let the world see the real me and not hide this pain
I tried to be like the rest of y'all, sorry I just can't
I'ma probably die this way