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DuttensBrud Rank 10
Rank 10

A white saturday in my hometown (in Sweden) today. The small birds have gone crazy, forget lovely songs and "kvidderitt". They sound more like it´s very painful to be a bird. I opend my window and placed a little goodie to them in hope of hearing them sing again, but, it wasn´t the food I guess, so maybe I should put out a blanket..... 

I am so looking forward to spring!

Eurovision songcontest Sweden begin today. It has become a big cirkus. It takes five program to find out who is going to represent Sweden in the big final.
I put all of my hope on Kicki Danielsson tonight. I have not heard the song but as noone else (beside me and my man) believe in her after so many years in the buisness it pays off if she make it. Is anyone really in it for the music anylonger... Smile I just need the money and Kicki is a nice lady so why not... It´s a freebet, a gift from Unibet. I love them Smile

Eurovision and Poker tonight, that is what I am up to.

Hope that more Swedes will give Kicki "high five" tonight and that everyone is having a great weekend!!

Take care....

DuttensBrud Rank 10
Rank 10

Can add that something must have been wrong with the voiting tonight. Kicki came in last! I am chocked and still not rich! Waterfall Laugh