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What type buyins?
In really low buyin u loose almost 5% on your normal % against the other hands due to more frequency getting a call and Freeroll I’ve folded AA a few time juste so I don’t take that chance off the start if I am not going all in first I feel a lil disadvantage on luk .its just my opinion I’ve heard tons of different ones the betting to lours guys in seats position all comme in effect online
4soul Rank 17
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It's not, but your brain will suffer more when he see that Smile It's a self-defence of analyse that situation and do not fint that in future again....practically he save on your brain bad moments for helping you Wink

And , for receive the right answer do this:  take a piece of cards , take 2 aces out. Put on your desk, open a calculator odds and put near other 2 cards....suffle for a flop turn and rvr and calculate pls the % of your hand on every street. You will find a lot of loosing-value with aces Very Happy GL!

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