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Paul09 New member
New member
Hi @Paul09 and welcome to the Community Smile I had to edit your original post as the German language is not supported on our forum unfortunately. English is the way to go.
So, from what I can tell you are missing a deposit and I can see that 4 deposits were successful today and some of them were declined by the bank, meaning that they never arrived to Unibet. Sometimes it takes a bit more time for the failed deposit to return to your account, so in the case that it's not back by tomorrow, I can start a trace for the deposit from our end, however I would need a bank statement showing the missing deposit to do so.
However I would advise you to contact the bank for the reason of why the deposit failed in the first place and to advise first on the missing deposit, sometimes they find it and add it back without an issue.
Let us know how it went