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BigMoneyJ New member
New member

Hi. I am currently having a slight issue with unibet. I sent bunch of documents 3 days ago (8 in total). I carefully read what they requested from me since they can take a whopping 5 days to check documents. Ok fair enough I resent that one document and contacted them to review it for me. Unfortunately they refused to check it and I probably have to wait over weekend to get paid. I tried to tell the employee that honestly that previous document was exactly what they requested and it might have been denied by accident. She did not want to talk to verification team.


Hi @BigMoneyJ!
I reviewed your account personally as well and I can see you provided the document which was requested today!
I am sorry you had to wait longer than the initial 3 days for this verification to complete, this was partly because the first picture provided is a pic taken with a mobile of the PC screen and in this format, we cannot accept it due to licensing issues , the PDF sent today looks good though!
I have contacted the agent responsible for approving your documents and I am happy to say that the document is approved and the payout was finalized a couple of minutes ago.
Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.