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Hmcnab1987 New member
New member

I placed a £15 sports bet on the England game tonight and it only took 10 pounds of of my cash amount... And have noticed my casino bonus is now gone! This is rediculous as I know the casino bonus will require at least 10× wagering. Can someone fix this? Or reassure me that if I win I can still withdraw the full amount and if not how do I cancel the bonus part of it and use my own money????? 


Hi @Hmcnab1987, What happens in the Bonus mechanics when you place a bet from Bonus money is that if the amount you are trying yo bet is bigger than the Bonus money you actually have in your account it will take the rest from cash. To calculate this you can multiply your Bonus amount by the odds ( 5 euro X odds), this will be the amount that gets added back to your Bonus Balance if your bet wins until the wagering is complete. The rest, 10 euro X Odds will be added to cash ready to be withdrawn if so one pleases Smile.
I get that it's a bit confusing due to the fact that the bonus was received from casino. However it can be wagered in sports as well, resulting in the situation explained above. Let me know if you have further questions.