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nutpeddler Rank 10
Rank 10

I agree completely about the non-toxic games.

For me poker used to be a chore really, staring at tracker numbers and worrying about the plethora of stats others had on me, obnoxious raging going on in the chat.

Basically after a long absence from online games, Unibet has made poker fun for me again. i don't fret too much about every little detail anymore, and prodded by the various challenges and missions I've started playing whatever I happen to feel like, instead of grinding the same old NLHE cash tables. For example since starting at Unibet I've played PLO and sit 'n goes for the first time (I'm sure at least everyone I've lost money to while learning appreciate that :smileyhappySmile.

JohnnyKings Rank 10
Rank 10

You know you can turn off all the chat and flying pies and things.
It will still be going on but if you can't see it at least it isnt so annoying.

BookTheWin Rank 13
Rank 13

Doesn't matter it isn't about me not wanting it, its the recreational players starting out on 888, they are the ones who don't know you can do that first of all.   They also don't know that they should turn it off, if fact some new players use that tool and create a poor table attitude from the beginning.   They learn it's alright to attack other players when they make a mistake, they see it all the time, it must be ok.  The new players on 888 and not just 888 virtually ever poker room are getting berated and crap thrown at them.  Some of them get turned off poker for good because of it and poker can't afford to have players get turned off the game at the start just because morons attack them.  Instead of telling their friends to come play poker, they tell them the opposite.  


I look at the bigger picture, rarely the one in front of me.


What Unibet has in place is exactly what makes poker profitable, new players who can have fun without fear of getting chirped for making a mistake.  They can go out and have some fun maybe punt off some buy ins while creating some great stories of how they cracked AA with their new lucky hand 103.

I couldn't care less about myself, but I do want to see this industry succeed.