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Darkangel7 Rank 14
Rank 14

If you haven't already heard about it where you been?

It all started over a year ago, when they were both new to twitch, as you can see with the overlays. Friday afternoons was the time to tune in for the HU battles between Ian Simpson and David K Lappin.

To get the most out of the HU battles you had to be on both Twitch streams. Saltiness and aggro was the name of the game. Who would become the HU winner?

Well they've now decided to have a HU Match in Malta. Vendetta and Valetta for how ever much they've decided to play for, as I don't have a clue, and we will finally find out who is the Champion HU Master and will secure bragging rights for quite a while.

The battle is real, the saltiness is real. Who do you want to win?

It will be broadcast on www.twitch.tv/unibetpoker


 next week. When they will be playing the UO and the DSO in Malta. Keep an eye out as will be posting when poker goes live.

Watch the highlights of the HU match.



Who do you want to win.

Iany or Salty Lappin, pick your sides and join in the fun. 

FreedoM Rank 21
Rank 21
I want none to win, so the battle continues for ages, because it's really entertaining.
“The unfed mind devours itself.” – Gore Vidal
radge1 Rank 18
Rank 18

I predict a rematch whoever wins Wink