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jonny2192 Rank 23
Rank 23

@GR1ZZL3R wrote:

I sort of see Unibet's point of view as in my case since starting an attempt to qualify for the Manchester leg of the UK Tour I have not added to the poker economy.


You could say the same for any winning player at any format, once they have made thier initial deposit they do not contribute any new funds to the poker economy.

I think in general there are just not enough players wanting to play for the live events and removing the exchanges will lower that number even more. Would have been nice to see attempts to attract more players too these games.

Even though other sites do not do tix exchanges theres always ways to gain back some cash before the final, one site pays out a 2nd win to the same step as cash(i.e win 2 x uo2 you get 10e cash for 2nd win) and others have cash bubbles at every step rather than ticket back. At least knowing you get the chance of some cash back is better than knowing that your money is tied up till IF and when you win a final.

One other added bonus from the tickets for Unibet is that the software can really ^&*&%%% you off sometimes, get moved on the bubble twice in a row into the big blind, lobby not updating and numerous other bugs that have been reported for years that do not seem to be being fixed. If you have a cash balance only your withdrawing and trying elsewhere, If you have 100s or even 1000s in tixs you have no choice but to forgive and forget or loose them.

I know this as a fact as many a time I have thought feck this not again I am not playing and then been back in 24 hours because I had a fortune in tixs I didnt want to just throw away.

You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

I certainly see the frustration @jonny2192. As  i say, I like the system, but wanting to build up 3-4 attempts to have a shot at the 100e is not going to be as easy, if possible at all, if we have to use tx up as and when gained. I'm going to split 1x25 into 1e tx and take it from there, hoping not to have to rebuy in at the bottom again. I think I'll have to play more aggressively ( higher levels straight away ) if I can't split tickets down and the idea is not to spend too much on qualifying so I think you're right, there will be fewer players willing to give it a go.Teardrop

It Is What It Is
MetalWolf Rank 18
Rank 18

@GR1ZZL3R @jonny2192

I made a suggestion in the other thread like this in the live tour forum. I'm sure the decision is concrete but I thought throwing some ideas out there might make a difference to scoping sats in the future as always felt the Unibet guys around here value feedback regardless of what the powers that be decide.

WuDu Rank 21
Rank 21

I think what @jonny2192 said is pretty much underestimated here:

Those tickets are not cash, the money stays within the system. This leads to the situation that said tickets are an "anchor" for other Unibet activities.

Let me give you an example:

@Leo-Unibetset up the Sputnik games a year ago. I don't play add-on/rebuys, however I liked the qualifiers (based on the structure and the time) and started to play them regularily, despite not having an interest in playing the main event. I ended up with 60-70 5 Euro Sputnik tickets  in April which I then used to qualify for other 25 Euro tickets. I also kept an eye on the remaining schedule and bought into other MTTs and other qualifiers (Milky Way, UOS, Supernova, Deep Space Fireball).

After some ridiculous bad beats at the 25 Euro Gargle Blaster, I said "no mas" and played out my tickets. Despite enjoying the satellites here and having a nice ROI at MTTs, the last time I played a qualifier (non UO, non free ticket) was on August 22nd. If there were still exchanges, I'd be playing right now and maybe even finding other games I like.

Like I said, those fixed time MTTs also served as an "anchor" for my Unibet schedule. I play SNGs mostly, from time to time I play cash games, so I can start and finish whenever I want. However if there are MTTs you like to play, that gives you an extra incentive to start playing earlier or stay online a little longer. The 50 Euro UO qualifier at 8 PM CET is such an anchor. Last year it were the 10 Euro UO games throughout the evening that I didn't want to miss.  

I currently have 21 Dollars sitting at 888 from the time before I found Unibet. Minimum amount of cashout is 25 Dollars. It's not that I need that money, but it's mine, so what are my options here? Playing for cash or SNGs is not an option, I simply cannot go back to throwing cake and tomatoes. I could bet on Emperor Trump in 2020, but then I'd have to wait for my money for over 2 years. So I thought, what about playing their WSOP qualifiers from time to time, when I have to weather the RNG-storm here at Unibet? So I looked at the schedule when it dawned on me that I cannot exchange tickets at 888. Needless to say, my 21 Dollars are still sitting there untouched.

My point is, the ticket exchange was a great marketing tool for Unibet. Removing this tool is definitely going to disincentive some players to invest money in the UO tour. However if there are a lot of ticket hoarders, holy moly, I assume there will be a downswing in qualifier traffic at the levels UO50 and lower.

We're gonna win on so many levels! We're gonna win, win, win. You're gonna get so tired of winning, you're gonna say: "Mr. President please, we don't wanna win anymore, it's too much!" And I'm gonna say: "I'm sorry, we're gonna keep winning because we're gonna make America great again!"
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Unibet Poker Expert Leo-Unibet
Unibet Poker Expert



Thanks for your inputs.

They are a very nice marketing tool for us, we are aware of that,  but the system didn't turn out the way we hoped.
This is a desion for time being, nothing is set in stoone and we might come back one day with some other solution which will solve these matters. Introducing the lower limit qualifier will help out making the qualifier structure good for all involved.

pirahn Rank 18
Rank 18

@WuDu Agreed 

@triceraatopp If you have 91% roi then your killing everyone and your the problem. Tongue Are you going to be in Malta next week.

Ubo used to be very successful.6 packages gtd on a Sunday and mostly going well over. It has been in a decline for some time now. There are many and varied reasons.  Relax, communication, software limitations, live events team, bugs, planning etc.

I understand the maths behind current thinking of cost per end ticket. The maths is a singular application and does not take into account the ecology of the poker system. Nor does it tell you the opportunity cost of the maths. 

Personally, i played less when tix exchanges were reduced. It will have the same impact again. As @WuDu explains above.

We should also acknowledge that poker team are working with their hands tied. Poker is a small part of the overall business and that creates limitations. Tournament side of poker does not pay the bills and when suits look at costs, they would want those costs reduced.

Communication between a company and its customers is vitally important and that's one area that could and should improve.

Moving forward, I hope there is more positive announcements on Unibets direction of travel.



triceraatopp Rank 17
Rank 17

@pirahn haha Rofl i would think you have about twice that! Nope no malta, saving myself dublin/manchester/nottingham commming up Very Happy are you in malta? GL if so! Will you come to dublin/manch?Very Happy

@WuDu I realice I wasent taking the whole picture into account, ofc I understand the breakdown of 250/100 and even 50 tickets to get more shots on the final and higher buy ins. My argument was simply for the lower qualifers where it to me seems like some people gather loads of 1 eur tickets and then play bingo. Anyhow, i see your point and agree.

pirahn Rank 18
Rank 18

@triceraatopp In malta for the festival. Will go to Manchester as have a few packages left over. Prob wont be going to Dunblin. Catch you in Manchester.

startelver Rank 18
Rank 18

I don't normally play those , but when I do I want to play seriously and not just gamble .   A lot of loose play in many of the €1 ones. So for me its welcome . 

I have a €25 ticket to use anytime , just need to pick the right spot. 



mafioso77777 Rank 10
Rank 10