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GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

I think you're spot on @triceraatopp there are so many tickets floating around that players just play "bingo" poker all the time, hoping to double up or move onto the next one, it's definitely getting harder to find "proper" poker games, moving up the buy ins where players value the money more seems to be the only answer right now.

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triceraatopp Rank 17
Rank 17

My point exactly @GR1ZZL3R! I have the sample size to prove that this is more then normal variance aswell, it should not be possible to go from 13 % roi in 1->4 games to 91% in 4->25 if it wasnt for the 4 way all is at the lower level. Everybody that are serious about qualifying will benefit from the games becomming more serious Smile 

MetalWolf Rank 18
Rank 18

I think it is a bad move for recreational players which is what the site prides itself on. I can take shots all day every day at €1 sats but I’m sure a lot of recs rely on ticket hordes they have built up to avoid depositing. Having to change my thinking again on the challenge I am doing with Charl again because of these changes. Obviously no new deposits is no good for Unibet as they will need fresh money in the game and this is understandable. I like to think they have something up their sleeve which will again help recs achieve live events that they could otherwise only dream of.

my biggest issue with the live tours is how late they are announced. Coupled with ticket expiry I simply won’t try and qualify for the unknown and just break the ticket. Dublin was an exception because they had problems with the original venue but if I remember right the UK tour this year wasn’t announced until well into 2018 either. For comparison we already know a competitor on the uk tour has 2019 tour stops Blackpool end of Jan and Edinburgh start of March. Giving people time to plan and go for the events best for them is as important as offering the chance in my opinion.

Edit: - I should also add that not being able to defer the ticket to a later event would also put me off trying to qualify. If I can't defer it then I simply wont bother trying to qualify for one I know I can't attend and will wait until reg is open for one I can. This has been the case a few times for me over the past year.

Unibet Poker Expert Patric-Unibet
Unibet Poker Expert

Hey guys,

As I mentioned in the other thread, we understand that this decision is not the most popular decision among players but it is a step we had to take eventually.

Unibet Open qualifiers have been cost heavy for us and even though I understand that everybody has their own perspective and opinion in that regard, we feel like this is the right decision.

I'm confident that the change will have a positive effect in the long run and hoarding tickets will no longer be an option.

We will obviously observe the process and if we feel according changes need to be made, we will discuss again.

Please don't forget that there are always pros and cons. By not allowing to hoard a great number of tickets anymore, you might take a shot and end up qualifying for an Unibet Open where before you wouldn't even have tried it.

We will always have open ears for your feedback and if you have any suggestions on what to do to make the live qualifiers system better, then please let us know.

However, the decision to stop exchanges stands from November 4.


Edit: We will try our best to announce future stops earlier than in the past as I understand that planning ahead is very useful for many

Merenitsu Rank 22
Rank 22

@Patric-Unibet  or guys say please one + for players from this change /   and how could they be expensive if you get a percentage from each entry? 

Unibet Poker Expert Patric-Unibet
Unibet Poker Expert

@Merenitsu: We have guarantees and it sums a lot. An overlay of x here, an overlay of x there. Each final ticket gets built from a lot of smaller GTD tickets and it ends in quite a high amount of cost for us.


Merenitsu Rank 22
Rank 22

@Patric-Unibetand why it is impossible to remove the guarantees and simply cancel tournaments where there are not enough players. Then you will not go to the minus.

jerry Rank 19
Rank 19

In 2eUO MTTs with 6x10e only 1of6-7 is making more than gtd. With 10e the gtd are also too high, make it 1 ticket gtd and there will be no overlay never, i can guarantee this. Played only handful of 50e ones and there was never an overlay. 

Remove the line 1eUO-4eUO-25eUO for qualifing, cause in 1eUO (in those almost never is gtd broken).  With 4eUO its a 50/50 i think, so also lower the gtd tickets.  Same thing with 25e, very often there is overlay. Dont allow the MTTs start with 3 people and with 2 tickets cause very often the tournament ends after 1 hand.

Removing the exchanger is killing UO currency. If Unibet losing too much on UO, lowering the guarantees can easily fix this. Why throw the baby out with bathwater?

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Unibet Poker Expert Patric-Unibet
Unibet Poker Expert

It's not that simple unfortunately @Merenitsu

The GTD is usually what attracts the players itself.

Removing the GTD would make us lose a lot of players from playing it.

As said, the decision is taken and stands and we will observe what happens and adapt accordingly if we feel the need.

Hopefully you will be able to adapt to it and I look forward to see some of you at future stops Smile

WuDu Rank 21
Rank 21

Dear @Patric-Unibet,

I thought you guys were in the rake generating business? If I have one 250 Euro ticket and play it, 225 Euro go to the prize pool and 25 Euro go to Unibet. If I split it up into 5*50 Euro tickets, 5*45 Euro stay in the UO pool and you get 5*5 Euro PLUS if I ever want to see money out of the UO pool, I have to play further raked tournaments.

I was under the impression that the more games we play, the better for you guys...

You said, that you're losing money with the UO qualifiers, however you never exactly said where and why you're losing it. It's definitely not at the daily 50--->250 Euro tournaments where you even added a new qualifier on Sunday with the highest guarantee I've seen here so far (6 tickets).

Obviously you are trying to squeeze the ticket hoarders (since when is hoarding tickets a bad thing for Unibet???) into using up their UO bankroll, assuming that they're then adding fresh money to the UO pool after their hoarded tickets are gone. I think in a lot of cases this assumption is wrong, as those guys (that includes me) will simply leave the UO system altogether.

I really enjoyed @Leo-Unibet's new MTT schedule, set up exactly one year ago, and decided to put some money into the new qualifiers despite not being an MTT player myself. In the first 6 months up until you eliminated the manual exchange of tickets, I bought in for 2231 Euro total (UO excluded), in the last 6 months, my turnover dropped to 1420 Euro, mostly eliminating my ticket bankroll. Over the last 3 months alone, I just played 10 MTTs for 235 Euro total. Over the past 6 weeks, I just played 2 MTTs (UO and free tickets excluded). 

The elimination of the exchanges didn't encourage me to put more money into the MTTs, it lead to the exact opposite result.

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