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Elvinkoh1 Rank 10
Rank 10
Well, when it comes, it comes Very Happy
comanimal Rank 14
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Probably Unibet doesn't have a poker marketing budget for it, but for me personally - having been introduced to poker 5 years ago already - I cannot remember a more captivating experience then watching reruns of the Big Game or Poker After Dark. Big stakes cash games in television (I'm sorry, but twitch is still a kid compared to tv) with some conflicting personalities who are playing poker for some serious! money aka the agonizing battles of Hellmuth vs Tony G is exponentially better than putting the "fun" back in poker with celebrities that are simply trying too hard entertain the table all the time (khmm khmm Kevin Hart) or just some random (e-)sports guys, who - lets be honest now - are only interesting to watch in their own primary fields of interest. Just my two cents.

Kilpikonna Rank 10
Rank 10

OP's question is a valid one. Unibet has burned loads of money for all kinds of poker promotions over the years, yet their poker business hasn't really taken off. I don't know why this is the case but I am sure a lot of potential players are put off by continuing software struggles. You could give a slack for the first few months but now it is what like 3 years after they started their independent poker thing and simple things such as login to the client appear overwhelmingly difficult. And the last update had issues that a straight-minded 5 year old would have spotted in 3min.

I would say that given the resources Unibet has, their good reputation overall (not poker) and the money they put into their poker business it is kinda alarming how bad things are going. Only suckers like myself tolerate the bs for the extra value they offer - and have to offer to keep anybody interested. Others who do not care for a buck are no longer here to care or comment.

Oh yeah the answer. Fire your software provider and take a critial evaluation of how you run your poker operations altogether. It appears that people are focused on complete nonsense like "the multi silly arthur dent experiment" while forgetting to take care of the basics. Like updating that this time the 2nd day of E79 will be played on Dec 17 and not Sep 10 or whatever. Similar simple mistakes are everywhere.

wwaanneess Rank 18
Rank 18

Plain and simple for me, bring back exchangers for sattelites to live events! This is what made unibet unique imo!

Otherwise maybe lower rake on nl25, only stake that is too high imo.

Still best site by far, but GG poker is also great site for recs, so be aware! 


Merenitsu Rank 22
Rank 22

@BonusPater I do not think that hexapro will attract a lot of customers, maybe only for the first time/ I had an idea about the tournament to identify the poker country itselfSmile

BonusPater Rank 24
Rank 24
@Kilpikonna @WuDu, first thing on my list is "Meeting expectations by mastering the fundamentals", which is related to current technical issues and shortcomings, so I do agree there's some work to be done there Smile

@wwaanneess, I also do agree the ticket exchanges is a nice and unique addition to the experience, and a better and more permanent solution that the current tournament setup should be found. I don't see this as a top priority though.

@tableNOpopZZ, I didn't leave Unibet to become a betting blogger Rofl, and I'm doing just fine working full-time for another company. I've no clue what you're on about with the "insulting" part, and I won't sink to your level. Your post really says all about you, not me Smile Could we stick to the topic?
Former community manager. Used to be known as "Stubbe-Unibet" | Bundesliga blog | How NOT to play poker blog
BonusPater Rank 24
Rank 24

@Merenitsu wrote:

@BonusPater I do not think that hexapro will attract a lot of customers, maybe only for the first time/ I had an idea about the tournament to identify the poker country itselfSmile

I disagree Smile

The average Unibet customer is playing for the entertainment with the dream of winning big with a small stake, and they often don't want to invest a lot of time. Hexapro fits the bill almost perfectly (I think a few tweeks could be made), as the only poker format at Unibet. Even though the Pokerstars customer base doesn't fit the profile as well, Spin&Go has been extremely successfull. Poker makes up 2 % of the GWR at Unibet/Kindred, and it's already a very soft field.

Former community manager. Used to be known as "Stubbe-Unibet" | Bundesliga blog | How NOT to play poker blog
Want2Believe Rank 15
Rank 15

First of all, Unibet is doing great.

Players are loosing interest in online poker overall. This is a fact.
Why? Because it's became boring. These days you fight not against other players, but against rake and luck. Your EV+ line usually higher than your profit line.
Time and efforts spent are just too high for earning significant (like average salary) money. 


I see only one thing which can help to take Unibetpoker to another level...


I don't know how...Unibet must work with lawers, with local nets, must find the way to take or share players traffic. I'm playing poker on one of chineese site right now. And it's like I made a step into the Time Machine and jumped back to the Golden Era. Definitely you are playing against (low level) players here, but not the rake and luck.

VikingsAF Rank 21
Rank 21

@BonusPater cool seeing you coming back (maybe)

One thing I do agree with which got already mentioned is flatter payouts for rakeback and promotional events. (Like the 3k and 1k monthly freeroll. It's super annoying that it's the same 12% getting paid as in normal tournaments, while it should be rakeback, but also twitch freerolls and so on. They went the right way tough with some of them by changing payouts to tickets instead of cash)

Then the other thing Unibet stands out for are the live events... Unibet needs a far more unified system. There isn't as much trafic as on other big poker sites that you can have all kinds of different buy-in levels so that you need to have seperate ticket values for all of them.
I don't mean to say that UK-tour, DSO and UO should merge, but it should at least have all their BI levels be at the standard 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 and/or 100 level. Now you have 4 and 20 euro levels which you either need a specific ticket for or Buy in with cash. (also the 4 euro SNG's need to go and become 5 euro sng's)

Also as long as exchanges aren't coming back the satellite system should be simplified. It's annoying that when you start from 1 euro (or even 20c as of a few weeks) you need to play 5 games or so to get your package. And that you could leave empty handed after 4 games by busting the last level. Hard to find a solution for this tough as the player pool isn't that big (so you can't really do 5 -> 100 -> 2000 for example, which would be working at bigger sites)

Then something which is happening right now, so not sure if this is a good suggestion... But the MTT shedule needs unification of the names. Get 3 or 4 main types of games with a set structure and spread across all BI levels (Shooting star, Multiverse and singularity for example) and return to conventional nameing for all other games. The nameing now is confusing and hard to understand for new players.

Then as cash games are the place you earn the most money, I think it's time to innovate/change there aswell. Zoom-like games seem to be popular on lower levels and maybe add the option to go 9-handed instead of 6-handed only...

Same for sng's. Maybe it's time for 8 or 9-handed sng's Smile (8 with 3 paid would have the same vision as 5 handed with 2 paid)

And finally (back to MTT's) I think Unibet misses SNG satellites to higher level tickets (both for online MTT's and for live events). This way you can reduce the overlaying standard sats, keep some Mega-sats at peak hour and have the rest run as SNG. (If you keep the 5x steps then 12 with 2 paid or 6 with 1 paid would be just fine.)

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startelver Rank 18
Rank 18

Take Unibet Poker to the next level. But do Unibet really want that ? 

From what I can see happening at all the other pokersites right now is to offer more casino games , and luck games like bingo , instead of offering better poker games. 

If Unibet Poker want to end up as Pokerstars , then you will get my point.  That would be the next level and I do not think that's a good idea. Back in the old days we were happy with the games that was offered , less rake and more poker action.  

Unibet has done a good job so far with the new poker room , offer anything from deepstack tourneys to Hexapro and cash games.

Why do you want to take it to the next level ? We are already here!    Only get more players in, keep the platform as it is , and have patience. Rome was not built in one day.