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Community Manager
Community Manager

This is one promotion that we're planning to run for all of 2019 here on the community, it's not done so please forgive me if something is misisng or not looking as well as it should, but the main parts of it are there(except for the prizes).
Since I've been spending quite a bit of time on this one as well as some other promotions that ties together for what I'm hoping will be a great poker experience on the community throughout 2019, I'd really like to know what you guys think is good and what could be different Smile

Promotion text starts from here:

Make those Unibet final tables throughout 2019 and strive for greatness on the community exclusive Podium Hunters leaderboard!

Here is how it works:

  1. Earn a top 3 podium finish in a variety of online and live Unibet poker tournaments while representing the community.
  2. Post a screenshot you as one the three players on a final table, or the lobby result - here in the thread within 24 hours of the tournament ending.
  3. Earn points from the screenshots for the leaderboard, and show the community who is the real MTT champ!

The leaderboard runs all the way to the 30th of December 2019, please see the following parts for details - by clicking each spoiler you will open the relevant information Smile

How to score points:


Get a podium place in a tournament, meaning that you are among the final 3 players in any tournament which qualifies for points towards the leaderboard.

The general rule for online MTT's is that the tournament must have at least 50 total entries and a minimum €1 buy-in in order for you score in it. 
"Total entries" means registrations + potential rebuys/re-entries and add-ons. The exceptions to that are DIRT tournaments, UOS events, the €50 UO/UK qualifier and the €250 UO qualifiers - they all score seperately and it's mentioned below how.

Tournaments and points:


You get the following amount of points for different Unibet tournaments:

1 point tournaments:

  • Any regular non sattellite online Unibet MTT between €1 and €49 buy-in, and with at least 50 total entries.
  • Any DIRT community series tournament, no matter the number of total entries.
  • Any UOS Nano event

2 point tournaments:

  • Any regular online Unibet MTT with a buy-in of €50 or more, and with at least 30 total entries. 
  • Any UOS Low event
  • Qualifying from a €50 buy-in UK Tour Final 
  • Qualifying from a €50 buy-in UO qualifier 


 3 point tournaments:

  • Any UOS high event
  • Qualifying for a UO main event from a €250 UO finals satelitte

4 point tournaments and higher:

  • Any Unibet Open side event with a buy-in between €50 and €150 scores 4 points.
  • Any Unibet Open side event with a buy-in between €151 and €500 scores 5 points
  • UK Tour Main Event scores 6 points
  • Unibet Deepstack Open scores 6 points
  • Unibet Open Highroller scores 10 points
  • Unibet Open Main Event scores 15 points

Representing the community:

In online tournaments, representing the community means that you play with a poker alias identical or very similar to your community alias, as well as our official community avatar when available.
For live tournaments, it means that you play at least the final table that you're placing in, wearing a community hoodie.




successlaw Rank 13
Rank 13


Nice ideea. I bet there will be a tough competition for top 10Smile

Have a nice day

Community Manager
Community Manager

@successlaw Thanks, it'll be just as tough as you reaching rank 12 before Sunday Wink

successlaw Rank 13
Rank 13
MetalWolf Rank 17
Rank 17

Very much looking forward to this sounds great. Will be super tough to finish high on the leaderboard with some absolute beast community players on here but I very rarely change from my alias anyway so hopefully I surprise myself and can compete!

Farseer Rank 12
Rank 12

Was interested, but counted that no chance for top spots unless one plays roughly in all Unibet Opens (including side events) grinding via online satellites AND all Unibet Online Serieses as well. I gotta study too @ 2019 Very Happy

traart Rank 10
Rank 10
Merenitsu Rank 21
Rank 21
Patsgnome Rank 10
Rank 10

I'm confused as to using the community avatar with the community name. I already have an avatar with the community nickname, and I can't change the avatar I have for that nickname, so how will that work?

Patsgnome Rank 10
Rank 10

Does each podium finish give the same points or will there be more for 1st -> 2nd -> 3rd?