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Messwithme Rank 15
Rank 15

Nice one @Jeppe-Unibet 

Btw you can call me king of dirt from now onPopeyeFist

Community Manager
Community Manager

Always appreciate your feedback @VikingsAF! Smile

"So now I have a bit more time to read trough Smile
Pretty cool idea overall Smile Some thoughts:
- Isn't this going to be a lot of work for you and Ray?"

The way we're setting it up, I think it's totally doable Smile The raffles will take a bit of work(including the Pizza Party raffle that we're planning, but we'll make a bunch of premade packages of extra prizes that we can raffle between every week.
Also, if we can agree on tournaments and structure for a full cycle, then we can hand off a full 7 week schedule to Leo in advance. And about the cycles, even though I'd like to be versatile with the schedule, I'd also really like to stay true to letting every getting an equal chance to take part - to do that we need complete cycles of the same setup, which sort of ties into your second question.

- They are all 9-handed. Why the choice to keep this the same for all? I don't mind, but maybe 2 9-handed and 2 6-handed could be cool Smile (I would even suggest PLO, but nobody else likes that Tongue)

For continuity, this way we don't get situations e.g of "I wanted to play the regular and the intermediate, but I hate 6 handed". This way everyone gets the same Smile What we can do though, is alternate between 9 handed and 6 handed for different cycles.

- On the one hand, 4 MTT's is a lot, but I really like the DIRT name Tongue So keep it 4. There is no need to play them all, so nobody is obliged to play 4 every time. (If you want to reduce I think 1 -> 5 -> 25 is the way to go)

I couldn't have said it better myself.. At first I was writing the promotion as the DRT, but a typo happened and here we are with a four tournament schedule Smile

- Good that there is no extra leaderboard for finishing positions on this one (even tough you just said there could be one). Adding extra prizes is already fine. BUT if you want to add a leaderboard... Maybe do a KO leaderboard. I know the client has the capabilities to keep track of that. (I mean adding a leaderboard would make it double and you'd be getting points towards both this one and the other one which seems silly)

What I had in mind was to just do a leaderboard where a win in any of the tournaments count as a point. It would only be adding four players/points to the leaderboard each week. Maybe do it for the year with a UO package up top. It would also provide a nice little list of who to look out for in the tournaments as well as showing who's well on their way for the badges.

- I know there are plenty of freerolls. But isn't it an idea to have a silly 0 euro GTD freeroll where the winner also get's a ticket to the next weeks 25 game or the 10? Okay this actually makes it a 25/10 euro GTD freeroll, but okay.

One of the reason we want to this weekly series is to limit the number of freerolls that we're doing. We still want to do those from time to time, because it's kind of cool seeing 10-15% of anyone who's ever signed up here join up for a poker tournament. But, we just can't put a €0 tournament in the client anymore  on a regular basis with "community" in the name when it's only available to a relative small group of players, not without getting too many unwanted posts. 
This way we get a set of weekly tournaments that everyone can join, but only the active members here will as you would have had to go in here and like the promotion post in order to "have the right criteria to play" Wink At the same time, we get a set of weekly tournaments that we can issue tickets for, perhaps in other kinds of competitions or rewards. 

"win win"

"win win win" 

/Jeppe Smile

Bing__ Rank 16
Rank 16

Well said @Jeppe-Unibet 

Community is great but needs to be competitive too and this marries the two nicely. Even low ballers can compete with €1 tourneys and you won't get the freeroll hunters!

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Omahahaha Rank 10
Rank 10

Not sure I like the name DIRT , what image is it supposed to give ?

Anyway I tend to play during the day rather than evenings so I shall end my input there.

GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22

I'm ready to mop  up the opposition...................

Screenshot (1330).png 

.....................and wipe the floor with them! Rofl


It Is What It Is
startelver Rank 18
Rank 18

I wll try to play them if I can and my bankroll allows it.  Thanks and GL . 


Patsgnome Rank 10
Rank 10

I really like the idea of a yearly LB as well, the UO package suggested would be amazing, but even with a smaller prizepool it would be very nice to see who is consistent over a year long period.

Either way this promo sounds like it will bring a lot of fun to 2019!

gazthehippy Rank 10
Rank 10

sounds like a great promotion.. will def be playing Smile

MeganW Rank 10
Rank 10