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@MetalWolf wrote:

@Rosjim wrote:

Ok ignor me I've just read the post and looks like I've missed the boat


Just a bit of feedback. Maybe if you do this again think about a prize for the biggest cash podium finish or highest ROI finish? Just something to get players still involved who haven't been able to play from the start or can't put in the required volume. 

@SingleMom102 @Rosjim @MetalWolf Yeah I've been thinking about that part as well, single highest ROI could work, but first I want to add that anyone who posts at least one podium finish, gets a €10 Community Poker ticket Smile Planning to do three more of these throughout the year, so anything we can do to improve is appreciated!

Everyone: To try and not clog of the front page overview and give other topics their due as well - when you have multiple results, could you please try and put them in the same post. It's generally not a problem, but sometimes in the evening after you've been busy on the tables it gets quite a lot of posts here around the same time. 
Also, if you could write the name of the tournament(s), above or beneath the screenshot(s), it'll help me out quite a bit when confirming the resutls in the back office  Ok


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@Jeppe-Unibet thanks/  in next time i will be write tournament name and time Smile

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I guess im joining aswell Smile 

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