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Community Manager
Community Manager

I'll be back here later today @ZuDwa, first up this morning I have to finish a GDPR refresher course Geek

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry guys, but I'm going to have to close the promotion and settle things up tomorrow, quite a few things popped up today Disappointed

XY Rank 19
Rank 19

@Jeppe-Unibet wrote:

@MetalWolf wrote:

@SingleMom102 @Rosjim @MetalWolf Yeah I've been thinking about that part as well, single highest ROI could work, but first I want to add that anyone who posts at least one podium finish, gets a €10 Community Poker ticket Smile 


when @Jeppe-Unibet ?

MaecTpo Rank 10
Rank 10
MaecTpo Rank 10
Rank 10

@Jeppe-Unibet  so what happening?why i grinded this HeartHeartsHeartty 1 eur tourneys for 2 weeks?) will something happen and we have a winners of the promo?already month passed,nice promotion! Very Happy

Community Manager
Community Manager

Time to shed some light on this as it's no secret that this promotion was bothced!
It's one thing that the setup wasn't the best for you guys, it's the first time we ran this and I was expecting there'd have to be some improvements for the next one, all depending on how the dynamics of this one became visible. But it's another to mess it up internally, which is what has unfortunately happened as I had made a mistake in which kind of reporting would be possible to get from the tournaments. This led to a massive amount of manual work, which when finished I'm 99,9% sure is filled with errors(yes it really takes the cake as the worst promotion we've ever done!!) I won't go into too many details, but a piece of information that was in another report, was missing from the reports that I ultimately had to use. 
I'd like to apologize to everyone taking part in this promotion, for the error and the time it has taken to complete it - I have some numbers for the final standings, but as I mentioned I'm sure they're not correct, so if you have a different tally than the one I calculated then feel free to let me know - it's my hope though that any error won't actually affect the final standings as they should have been.

That was the bad part, but the positive part is that I'm really happy with the feedback given when the promotion run, and I feel confident there's a way to run the Podium Hunters in a way better way than the first edition:

  • Shorter period of run time - A week, maybe one that has office holidays in it, or even just a weekend seems it would be more inclusive and get quite a few more participants. 
  • Divide of low and high edition - You shouldn't be playing way below your regular level to take part. 
  • Only having certain tournaments count, played at times where most people are available to play.
  • A seperate board for the promotion, where each member can have their own thread to post screenshots - This would have helped me out so so much in terms of doing the scores. 

These are the ideas I'm working with for next time, I know there's been a suggestion about the scores that makes sense as well(1.3 points for 1st, 1.2 points for 2nd, 1.1 for 3d) but that would make the scoring harder to count again, personally I don't think it's a problem to just stick with the same scores for each of the three positions and to just say that in case of a tie, then whoever got to the point total in question first takes that position Smile

Anyways, as mentioned earlier, here are the scores(though incorrectly calculated) Sad

ZudWa  114
Neumanriel 104
Triceraatopp 51
GothMoth 41
MaecTpo 32
Ja-Z-Polszy 25
Caladrias 22
Avokado 19
MetalWolf 19
McCallister 18
XY 12
WhereIsRivaldo 10
MetalWolf Rank 18
Rank 18

I just want to thank @Jeppe-Unibet for running this promotion regardless of what went wrong. It should always be celebrated by us in the community when we are given these sort of oppurtunites wether we can take full advantage or not. We are very lucky as Unibet are one of very few sites that offer this kind of value. It turns out that lots of things weren't ideal last time and if you couldn't grind all day every day at every level then you literally had no chance. I just couldn't sustain the good start with working as well and then the incentive to play was lost as soon as I fell behind.

I'm sure Jeppe has lots of feedback and ideas of how to make it better. If this was a freeroll that had been cancelled then the community would be up in arms and bad mouthing Unibet all over the place. I think it's only fair we commend Jeppe and Unibet in trying to do something big and lucrative for the community and I very much look forward to taking part in the next one. I don't think there will be any arguments with the leaderboard whether a few results have been missed or not.

Ja-z-Polszy Rank 15
Rank 15

Thanks for promo Unibet. Lot of fun Smile 

But im bubble boy of first series Waterfall 

Congratz for TOP5 Popeye002.jpg