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vixere Rank 10
Rank 10


@Jeppe-Unibet Before you change anything, you could ask your customers in the community, rather than put before the fact. I will not say whether the new system is good or bad, because I do not fully understand how it will work. I agree that it's better to switch the exchange of tickets to automated mode, but I have some questions:

1. What do players who have tickets have 250 uo (or another equivalent) and the expiration date, for example, in August?
2. What should the players do if they want to split the ticket 50 uo (or another equivalent) for example for 25 tickets for 2 euros, if the tournament I understand so will be one?

3. Сan I split them for the last time before April 16?

I agree with @Merenitsu an automated system makes sense. But it is unfair to make the new system more difficult and less flexible. People started playing these, and have continued to play them with the (very helpful) options to split and extend and revive tickets. It's unfair when people have built up a bank of tickets to change the rules.

jonny2192 Rank 23
Rank 23

@vixere The system has altered many times in the last 3 years, Its always been an added bonus.

If a 250 was about to expire, all you would need to do is play a 250 to 5x50 tix exchange game to add extra time.


If you can come up with a system that doesnt involve it being a fulltime job for someone and doesnt require months of development time then I am sure Unibet will listen.

Think you really need to try the new system and give it a chance before requesting all your tix be turned to cash.

I have been changing tixs for at least 3 years and this change effects me a lot but it was obvious just looking at the ticket exchange thread that it couldnt carry on like that, I think a fair middle ground solution has been found and a lot better alternative than there being no tix exchanges at all.

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triceraatopp Rank 14
Rank 14

@pinki, I completly understand the wish to split big MTT tickets to smaller generic ones especially if u have a limmited br but also if u are a cah player etc, thing is it would not be doeble, the reason the promotions, satelites and giveaways excist is to promoto the majors and a possibility to exchange to genric tickets would end up in tons of players grinding nova satelites and then freerolling all the mtts. 

Since you havent paid anything for the ticket its not like you loose 100 eur if you dont cash either, look at it as a possibility to take a shot for free in a tourney that could give your br big boost, bcs it is accualy not unlikely at all that you will cash. I myself tryed to exchange my first nova ticket a couple month ago since I barely tryed the 25 euros, but I couldent exchange it and then another player  here who played mainly 2-10 eur told me that only played it once after winning a ticket and ended up in second place! and I cashed it 2/7 times so far so its definatly possible for low stakes players Smile

Tillus Rank 13
Rank 13

"Standard expiry date will change on some bonuses so that players have more time to complete bonuses they unlock after April 16th"

Why only on some I am wondering, and which ones will be affected by what extend? All I know is that currently playthrough bonuses have a 5x wagering requirement, but not even sure if it's 60 or 90 days valid time?  o.O

was saving up for the €500 bonus until now, but i guess i don't need to bother anymore if bonuses can't be extended in the future Sad

Community Manager
Community Manager

@vixere wrote:


Last question.

I have my UO tickets because I grinded them up from the initial free ticket for creating an account and split them and grinded them, etc, etc. #thinbrag If it is not possible to do more splits in a week and/or extend the odd ticket sometimes then I'm going to see tickets expire and that's not good - I can't play every week and I haven't had to. Also because of other changes I haven't been able to play a €250 for weeks since I won a Malta package - the €250 tickets I have are losing time value. That was never a problem when you could extend them. It is a problem if we won't be able to.

Ever since I joined Unibet I could extend or split tickets, first on 2+2 then on here. It was part of the program. It was the way it was. I would never have invested the time and effort in the Unibet promotion and the Unibet Open promotion, building up a store of Unibet Open tickets if I'd thought it was going to change. It's one huge, long, ongoing promotion and you're changing the way it operates part way through.

So my question is:

Can I please cash out my tickets? or can you continue to extend them for me?

Thank you



@vixere I can certainly appreciate that you've built up a bankroll within the satellite system and we have no intention of taking that away from you Smile We're most certainly here to help, so should the tickets you describe start to expire even after we add the longer dates on April 16th, just give us a heads up here Smile


NMPfan Rank 18
Rank 18

@Tillus The bonus were never meant to be bought with the intent of extending them infinitely until you can clear them. That's why there are different tiers, you get the one you can clear with your current volume. That being said sometimes things that you can't control happen and your plan gets messed up, so 1 exchange per bonus in special circumstances would be good. If you do it for every bonus then you shouldn't be allowed anymore, get bonuses that fit your schedule. 

vixere Rank 10
Rank 10

@Jeppe-Unibet thank you. That's the kind of response that makes me love you guys HeartHeart

vixere Rank 10
Rank 10

@jonny2192 I hear you. Not just in this reply but in your other ones. You're a fan. I understand. TBH I wish I was less disagreeable than I naturally am Smile

I really like the support we get from @Jeppe-Unibet and the other support guys. Which is why I always try to be super polite and constructive when possible.

I expect the company to honour it's obligations, legal, moral ethical - all of them. It's just business. Which is why they have the promotions. Nobody made Unibet split or extend tickets - they did it to get more business with great customer service and it's a success.  They can deal with that success. It's a good problem to have. But it's still their problem. Not mine or yours.

Peace out Peace


pinki Rank 20
Rank 20


You have absolutely right Angel maybe if the players had the status : Beginner in system until they spent ie. 200 Euros in all poker games those exchange are  more sensible.  For me now is ok,  only live events ticket and no discussion Smile 

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NeriPoker Rank 15
Rank 15

I'm more than happy with the new arrangments. I can still break my satty tickets down quite easily and if it allows some poor sod in the Unibet offices to do something more productive than breaking down tickets all day long then I'm all for it. Unibet is still very unique in that they allow this in the first place and I'm very appreciative of that.