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Unibet Poker Expert
Unibet Poker Expert

Update 16th February: due to unforeseen re-regulation compliance complexity, the launch of the new loyalty system has unfortunately been postponed. We will back with another update soon.

Just a few months ago the client was redesigned, and on the 1st of April we'll get a brand new loyalty system. Exciting times!

As the loyalty system is quarterly and such a fundamental part of the product, we'd like to share some basic details about what's to come.

It isn't possible to have one loyalty system, like challenges, across all the markets that we serve. The Ambition has been to build a new loyalty system with gamification added to the regular poker game play with measurable and fun progression that unlocks rewards in all markets we serve; even the ones that don't allow monetary incentives.
The monetary part of the loyalty system is designed with flexible reward levels that may vary to fit with local regulations and taxes and as a tool to promote a healthy site ecology.



The monetary mechanics in brief

Play and get paid. We're saying goodbye to challenges and introducing a simplified system where you're rewarded for your volume (rake paid). No need to keep track of challenges anymore, no separate setup for each game type etc. Challenges have served us well, but as great as the intentions were, there were some obvious flaws in practice. Furthermore, a lot has happened since challenges were introduced, and we feel a strong need for a system that can work for all game types, is mobile friendly and has less complexity to it - cash games used to make up 85% of the rake where today it's around 60%.

The loyalty system will continue to be quarterly, with a reset happening on the 1st of January, April, July and October. There are two aspects to the monetary rewards:

  1. Tier rewards. These are quite similar to today, in the sense that you unlock a financial reward when you reach a certain amount in rake (today it's just challenge points). There're 34 different tiers, and the rewards range from 10 bonuspoints to €1 HexaPro ticket and €3000 in cash. 
  2. Bonuspoints multiplier. In addition to the tier prizes, you're also rewarded for every cent that you rake, from the moment you've raked €5 in the quarter. You simply get bonuspoints credited as you play, and the bonuspoints multiplier will increase as you level up in the system. When you've raked €5, you'll start to get 2% in rakeback, as you reach €25 it increases to 3.5%, and once you've raked €9005, you'll get 18%. 

NB Upon reaching level 6 (€2,205 in quarterly rake), you unlock 12% bonuspoints multiplier rakeback, which is carried over to the next quarter. Upon reaching level 7 (€9,005 in quarterly rake) 18% bonuspoints multiplier rakeback is unlocked and carried over to next quarter.

Note that the monetary system isn't active in Belgium and Sweden, due to local regulatory requirements, the bonuspoints multiplier isn't active in Denmark and there're two different systems for the remaining markets: a more generous one for our core markets and one less generous for a small group of markets that are bad for the ecology (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland) - we want to provide the best poker experience in our core markets, and this unfortunately means the terms can't be the same across all markets.

Below is a graph comparing the different systems to challenges. The challenges figures are based on actual customer rakeback figures for Q3 of 2020. Please note that neither monthly missions (big impact on first levels) nor double trouble (3% additional rakeback) are included in this. Double trouble is set to be replaced as well (deadline unknown), so that all game types are taken into consideration, and it won't be necessary to do well in an MTT, to get something back. 

Loyalty systems comparison.png

Carry-over multiplier (level 6 and 7) applied in above graph.

Customers raking from a couple hundred to +10k will be better off with the new loyalty system, and in some cases by quite a lot. The highest possible rakeback is just over 51%. Please note that we do have the option to put players on an individual higher bonuspoints multiplier, which we will make use of in some cases.


Carry-over and migration

Today, when you reach 500,000 challenge points, carry-over for next quarter is unlocked, and there's also the partially completed challenges carry-over. We obviously can't carry-over the points in usual fashion for Q2, so instead we'll do a manual payout of the carry-over value (looking at challenges payouts that would have been achieved with carry-over) in bonuspoints.

Customers raking €2,205 or €9,005 in Q1 will also be manually upgraded to the 12%/18% bonuspoints multiplier at the start of the quarter.

The bonus shop will remain - and have even greater importance with the new system - and the points value will remain unchanged as well.

Non-monetary rewards

With challenges you're used to unlocking avatars. With the new loyalty system we're taking non-monetary rewards to a whole new level. As you level up, you get access to new sections of the achievements, hall of fame and school. Below some examples of what's to come (not that these are just mockups).

school.pnghexapro hof.pngAll-in luck.png

There's a bunch of other changes to come. Most freerolls will for instance be tied to the loyalty system, so that you'll need to reach level 2 (€5 raked) in order to get access. 


Rakeback table (core-market setup)

Below are just select steps (there're 34 tiers in total - for instance 3 steps between the 2k and 9k example below).

Note that monthly missions are excluded from the below (and all other figures in this post), and these generally offer a total of €60 in value (full quarter) with a pretty amazing rakeback percentage; often around 50%.

Rake paid Rakeback Rakeback %
€ 5 € 0.5 10.0%
€ 25 € 3 11.8%
€ 105 € 12 11.7%
€ 230 € 38 16.5%
€ 480 € 69 14.4%
€ 1,405 € 237 16.9%
€ 2,205 € 504 22.8%
€ 9,005 € 3,560 39.5%
€ 20,555 € 8,639 42.0%
€ 32,105 € 13,718 42.7%
€ 43,655 € 22,297 51.1%

Please note that the above might be amended before going live in April. Carry-over multiplier (level 6 and 7) applied in above table (from 2.2k rake). 


Rewards payout table (core-market setup)

Level Step prize 1 Step prize 2 Non-monetary Bonuspoints rakeback
1 NA   Game lab lvl 1 0.0%
1-1 10 BP     0.0%
1-2 10 BP     0.0%
1-3 10 BP     0.0%
2 €0.2 MTT ticket Additional freeroll access Game lab lvl 2 2.0%
2-1 35 BP     2.0%
2-2 35 BP     2.0%
2-3 35 BP     2.0%
3 €1 HexaPro ticket   Game lab lvl 3 3.5%
3-1 150 BP     3.5%
3-2 €2 HexaPro ticket     3.5%
3-3 150 BP     3.5%
4 150 BP   Game lab lvl 4 4.5%
4-1 €20 PTB     4.5%
4-2 1000 BP     4.5%
4-3 1000 BP     4.5%
5 1000 BP UO freerolls (2*4k) Game lab lvl 5 6.5%
5-1 €50 PTB €10 HexaPro ticket   6.5%
5-2 4000 BP     6.5%
5-3 4000 BP     6.5%
6 4000 BP   Game lab lvl 6 12.0%
6-1 €500 PTB     12.0%
6-2 40k BP     12.0%
6-3 40k BP     12.0%
7 40k BP   Game lab lvl 7 18.0%
7-1 €1000 Cash     18.0%
7-2 100k BP     18.0%
7-3 €1000 Cash     18.0%
7-4 100k BP     18.0%
7-5 €1000 Cash     18.0%
7-6 100k BP     18.0%
7-7 €1500 Cash     18.0%
7-8 €2000 Cash     18.0%
7-9 €3000 Cash     18.0% *

Please note that the above might be amended before going live in April.

*It's rather unlikely, but should level 7-9 be reached well before the end of the quarter, we can adjust the value manually to 50% (will be reset to 18% at start of next quarter).

Rank 25
Rank 25

Much better than challenge system imo Thumbs Up

Only bad thing, not until April Smile

To bet or not to bet, that is the question.
Rank 10
Rank 10

This looks quite interesting. Excited to see it in action. Also suprised to see that ROmania isn't in the bad-for-the-ecology countries list.Angel

Rank 11
Rank 11

this looks sick.

got only one question. 

is it real or aprils fools ?  Rofl

Rank 24
Rank 24
Unibet Poker Expert
Unibet Poker Expert

Really glad to hear you like it Smile

@Merenitsu, there'll be translated promotion pages later Smile

@shobolanul time will tell Wink

Rank 10
Rank 10

even I like the challenges i'm looking forward to this new loyalty system! 

Time will tell if it's better or not for a player like me. So, let's enjoy the last 3 months of challenges and then rock the game changer Cool 

Rank 24
Rank 24

@Stubbe-Unibet  There are no problems with translation. It's just a lot of information and it's hard to understand all the nuances of the loyalty system. Smile

@Stubbe-Unibet wrote:

Really glad to hear you like it Smile

@Merenitsu, there'll be translated promotion pages later Smile

@shobolanul time will tell Wink


Rank 9
Rank 9
hmm i thing evrything under 20% Rakeback is bad, but yeah some things are cool
Unibet Poker Expert
Unibet Poker Expert
@Marco, at for instance €230 rake, you can get the additional €60 from monthly missions. Obviously a bit different than regular RB, but it's approx. €60 of value anyway.
Yes, I do get they take time and you might be forced to play game types you don't usually play Smile