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Psycho79 Rank 14
Rank 14

Hey @Leo-Unibet !

Somehow I've missed this thread till now Tongue As you may expect I love the idea of introducing 200€ tournament into the offer, and enriching it with some more as well. Unibet Poker is a growing site, and as you mentioned it's a good moment to let some fresh air in Thumbs Up

200€ HR:  I think @Kilpikonna's idea of using combined Supernova tickets for that is great, and it should be used as a starting point. It would help improving liquidity for both tournaments and keeping it all as simple as possible. Players should be allowed to enter with one or two tickets, depending on what they like, but the second stack should be bigger. Let's say 5000 chips for 100€, and 15000 chips for 200€. Maybe even a third bullet, only allowed as a reentry granting 20000 chips. I know Sundays are a bit overloaded compared to the other days, but it seems reasonable running it on Sundays to let everyone play it in their free time. Possibly it could run twice a week with a smaller GTD on Tuesday or Wednesday, a bit faster structure, and/or in a bounty format.

"Big Bang" is a perfect name for that :P

Additional Tournaments: I think Unibet Poker schedule needs at least one more 50€ Buy-In on a daily basis to attract more players to the site. The format should change randomly every day: holdem/omaha, bounty/freezout, deepstack/turbo/hyper, 9-max/6-max/HU?, depending on what players would like the most. I see we have many omaha fans here, let's give them a nice tourney to play.

Regardless of the BI, it would be nice to come up with an innovative format, that could be found on Unibet only. It's impossible to reinvent the circle, but once in a while there appear something new that differs only a little bit from the standards, but it's enough to attract people. As an example I think Banzai tournaments could be fun to play among all kind of Unibet players. Why not to use an existing pattern again. Or similar, let's set a tourney in which the average stack is fixed 10BBs/20BBs/50BBs/..., and the blinds are calculated on its basis. Banzai&Bounty could be insane, but i'd bet it would beat popularity contest on 1-10€ Buy-Ins. Maybe someone else can come up with something more original that could be introduced within technical possibilities.

As always Leo, thanks for reading it and any consideration, Best Regards!

P.S. See you in Malta Cool