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GeoJake Rank 7
Rank 7

I'd love to hit 2.5M challenge points in a single quarter but this would require playing ~28,000 €10 SNGs.

I'm currently playing 5 max SNGs (€10 buyin).

A change to the SNG buyins would be hugely advantagous if it went:

€1 - €2 - €4 - €8 - €16 - €30 - €60 - €100

I believe this structure would also create an improved ecosystem overall both for players & Unibet.

It would also be great to reward loyal players who are consistant for an entire 12 months with a custom avatar being one such reward.

Other rewards could include unibet merch, live tournament entries, bonus points etc

Having a secondary challenge board with much big milstones but realistically achievable for players that put in the volume in the lower stakes.

Having a custom avatar with myself holding a skateboard would be pretty damn cool.