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radge1 Rank 18
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Good Luck BookTheWin....though I think you're radio rental!Wink

jonny2192 Rank 23
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radge1 wrote:

Good Luck BookTheWin....though I think you're radio rental!Wink

Translation radio rental = mental, Just in case anyones confussed Smile

Duckphobia is real and KK is cursed, If you know these 2 things you will do well on Unibet poker.
BookTheWin Rank 13
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BookTheWin Rank 13
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Poker Adventure Official Update #1

Well it's been a very long 3 days of heading across the border,  woke up early Monday Morning and after 2 flights, one was 10 hours and endless travelling it seemed finally was able to get marginal amount of sleep Tuesday evening.  Woke up at 4AM Wednesday waited till 7 to head to Central London and then took a 9 hour 20 bus ride to Glasgow for the Unibet UK Tour Glasgow event.  Then was dropped off at different station and wandered around Glasgow for around 90 mins asking strangers to point me in the right direciton.  Checked into my hostel and it said 7:30 Pm I thought reg closed at 8:10 so had fastest shower and sprinted amelessly once again before finally finding the casino, went to wrong casino initially Sad.  Found out it was only like 7pm when I arrived and there was a 30 minute or so wait for the tournament, didn't have to panic, but don't have cell phone so no idea of the time, for the majority of the day.


Obviously with JetLag and just never sleeping wasn't in the best state of mind.  Met David from Unibet who is a great bloke who definitely helped me out getting everything sorted and was able to finally start playing poker on this trip.  Also met Johnny, Mathrim C, HensiePensie maybe someone else, I was very tired and couldn't think straight, which was great to meet people from the community.

I had like 50 hours of free thinking time and I did use it mostly to think about this tournament, really want to start off with a cash for multiple reasons.  Also almost didn't get past border control with my limited roll, but some ingenious planning barely let me past the border.

Also the night before I headed out, I really realized how stupid this was, and definitely considered flying back after my first flight...

Tournament #1 of 3 Unibet UK Glasgow.

25,000 Starting Chips (Goal was 140,000) If less than 121,000 or bust then playing Nottingham Saturday.

I was card dead pretty early, had KJ (Best hand early) opened flop was 569 or something 2 players bet and raised I folded, what's significant is they both did not have K high beat.   Then I led 650 into a flop and someone made it 6000 lol.  Then on a 883 flop someone bet 800 and I made it 2150 with nothing and they made it 11,000 so I was down to 20,000 just before the first break and still didn't win a pot on this trip.  No panic at all tho.

Someone opened 1050 I made it 5k with AK they rejammed for 8k more I snapped they had A8 off I held and was up to 39,000.  I still felt card dead after 2 breaks but was feeling comfortable at my table.

Level 7 to 9 I turend things up, played pretty well and managed to get up 90,000.  I didn't pay anyone off on the river till level 9 or even the turn.  Just picked my spots and took care of a pretty soft table.  I was feeling really good heading to the final 3 levels, definitely thinking Day 2 is in my sights....

Level 10 to 12 blinds started at 600/1200 to 1k/2k/300 at level 12.

We were playing some big pot poker for sure and I 3 bet A10 to someone and they 4 bet me and I folded punted off 10k quick.  Then was back to 92k etc and feeling better when it limped the button and I checked back K5 of hearts.  Flop came K46 with the 46 of hearts, dream flop I check raised and was rejammed for 50k and I snap called after I made it like 16k on my 3 bet.  he surprisingly to me for sure flipped over K10 for top pair not a kicker that would be jam everything...  Regardless I've gotta have at least even money equity turn brought 7 diamonds now I got too many outs.  835 heart...  River A of clubs and down to 45,000.  In my mind I was like win this pot and make Day 2!

That one was soul crushing for a bit.  I ripped the next hand over someone with A7 suited over a button raise and stole the pot then had 45 suited Flop 457 with 2 diamonds it went bet raise to me, I thought about the players etc and decided I liked my chances and jammed.  went Call Call and it was a good scenario was up against 62 (really weak player) then A6 of diamonds for a lot of outs but I like my spot 3 ways for sure.  I called out 5 Ball and turn was a 5 and the hand was over and I was up to 120k.  

There was some other big fluctations including a 100K pot where it was 107 vs my QJ on 1096, if an 8 came it woulda been 150k pot for sure and I missed that one which hurt cause Id be commanding chip leader.  But regardless I ended up with 141,200 chips.  Which was more than my goal and I made my first live day 2 which felt pretty good.  State of mind last 2 levels I was so sleep deprived that I saw a man holding his jacket and definitely seen him holding a Cat instead.  

Funny thing I definitely said all in a couple times last 2 levels 4 bet jamming AK off to someone who had 100k, I wasn't a Nit for sure.  

Just tried to extend my stay for tomorrow at least or 2 more days and they are fully booked so not sure what I'm doing today.  But I am in a solid spot to potentially cash and keep the dream alive.

BookTheWin Rank 13
Rank 13

Small Update:  Couldn't afford to stay in Glasgow so randomly chose somewhere close Edinburgh.  So going to get my drinking shoes on and relax for once on this trip.  Everyone's in Glasgow for the big world cup qualifying match, maybe not that big, but still pretty big.  Good luck to anyone from the Community who is playing Day1B I hoped to stop by and check it out, but circumstances changed.  Ready to go for Day 2.  Told my buddy probably have a Top 5 stack and bang 5th after Day1A shark reads haha.  


BookTheWin Rank 13
Rank 13

Official Update #2

Mind State- Panicked

In Glasgow still on Monday and till tomorrow morning, not sure what to do to be honest.

Definitely going to run up some cash today on Unibet to try get me till next week.

Right now financially I got about 6 or 7 days of cash on a NIT budget.

Pretty bad day financially with a decent bet lossed, punted 30 pounds or so at the Casino and didn't cash obviously in the poker tournament.

Time to just win some cash online and then play my final tournament on Saturday if I don't cash.  I do have another toureny on 21st but I can't last that long right now lol.

16th 550 pound tournament with 250,000 pounds guaranteed 200,000 starting chips lol.  That's my final tournament at the moment...

WuDu Rank 19
Rank 19

Similar to the "Degenerate stories" on twoplustwo, I enjoy reading blogs like yours. I just hope your story ends with you making a big cash and using the money as a foundation for a happy life, instead of roaming the streets of Glasgow blowing randoms for lunch money...

We're gonna win on so many levels! We're gonna win, win, win. You're gonna get so tired of winning, you're gonna say: "Mr. President please, we don't wanna win anymore, it's too much!" And I'm gonna say: "I'm sorry, we're gonna keep winning because we're gonna make America great again!"
God Emperor Trump
BookTheWin Rank 13
Rank 13

Minor Update: Scared to death ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Down to about 70 pounds and in Glasgow still running on a 30 pound/day burnrate so that's not that long left.  

Going to borrow 50 pounds from my mate later today to get me to survive till Sunday.

Sunday playing the 550 pound grand prix at DuskTillDawn in Nottingham.

Played  5 x 10 euro 5 player sngs yesterday on Unibet and won them all and then cashed out, but it takes a week to get paid.  So tuesday should get some cash, but right now I won't last till Tuesday.

If I cash Sunday it's all good in the neighborhood but I still gotta cash obviously and nothing is guaranteed in poker.  Besides that NMPFan is a robot.

Have a few tournament tickets left on Unibet and hoping to get the ones I won on Twitch soon so I can try and bink a score.  Thinking if I can run up 100 euros today to jam it all on a bet and cash out 200 euros if it wins.  

Just had a solid Chicken Caesar Salad that will definitely be the meal of the day.  If you see me at the tables just foooooooooooold. lol  

Good luck to everyone else at the tables

BookTheWin Rank 13
Rank 13

Officially Screwed:

They disallowing my 550 pound ticket, despite an email suggesting otherwise to use this weekend.  Which means I went from 3 tourneys to 2 because that tourney isn't till 28th.

Relied heavily on this 2nd tourney best odds to cash probably 50% of the time I would have cashed now, I'm screwed.

Magicadil Rank 25
Rank 25
Why are they disallowing the ticket? Are they saying its not valid?

As a Canadian citizen if youre stranded in a different country without financial means to get back you can seek assistance from the Canadian Embassy.
I debate
Should I smile like everything's good and pretend that life is great
Or should I let the world see the real me and not hide this pain
I tried to be like the rest of y'all, sorry I just can't
I'ma probably die this way