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SDmonkey Rank 10
Rank 10


Short stacks minimum initial buy in 100bb please, recreational will just have to buy in at a lower limit and it will prevent short stacking regs from ruining the gameSmile

Auto top up feature off by default, those who like can turn it on Thumbs Up so annoying when you don't hit it fast enough and get dealt premiumPuking

Just a thought team ?

Thanks D xxx

Moe Rank 8
Rank 8
please no.

reasons against your idea:

1. ticket system
if minbuyin is 100bb and you lost some bb, you cant rebuy with the ticket, so the money converts to money or they must be be an extra rule for this...

2. players who dont play cashgame normally, will need longer to convert the cg tickets into cash

3. recreationals want to play with any possible stacksize, somtimes they play with their hole role, maybe 70bigs or so

4. the best regulars will never play short

good ideas: 1.an option to auto top up in cg
2. auto timebank (decreases until its gone)
3. the opportunity to change preflop/postflop sizes with bet buttons etc

best regards Moe
Unibet Poker Expert Stubbe-Unibet
Unibet Poker Expert
Ratholing prevention measures are high on the backlog and we will be making changes to this.
Same for auto timebank, general timebank improvements and time to act improvements
ebitdaddy Rank 9
Rank 9

an option to auto-rebuy to 100b would be NOICE

UAC Rank 13
Rank 13

yeah ratholing i sa bit of a problem, not sure 100bb minimum is the best idea for reasons mentioned above.

Would personally hate auto timebank, that is clearly a sign of you are playing too many tables if you need it. Shortening it each time would be ok I guess, but at the same time rec won't know this and see same player time bank a few times and leave.

I would say I am closer to a reg than a rec these days, but still hate super slow games

Bl3ss3dMMA Rank 8
Rank 8
yepp pls do sg against ratholing! some ppl really abusing this feature of your software.
every other site i play forces the guy who happens to leave to sit in with the same stack if wanted to come back.

auto timebank would be nice but i can live w/o it Smile
Sweeedeeen Rank 13
Rank 13

auto timebank is bad idea. It will slowdown game, i think now players have enough time for playing 10 tables and no need to add autotimebank.