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Going to start this topic of with a quote of @Andy-Unibet on 2+2:

@Andy-Unibet wrote:

I'd personal love to see time delayed and anonymous downloadable hand histories so players could work on their own game but can also see the pitfalls of adding the feature.

I just wonder what other people think of this who currently play on Unibet. Personally I'm not sure if I really like the idea of having full hand histories even if they are delayed and anonymous. Obviously the pitfall is that data can be input in any tracker / software and you end up with some kind of ability to track pool tendencies or possible work out how some people play if you maybe compare hand histories with previously recorded footage. I guess higher stakes / buy-ins might be more prone to this? Also remember some people barely ever or never change their alias so this would make em more vulnerable imo. 

But I also don't want to discard the whole idea of hand histories, at the moment there is a history tab in our poker client profile which is pretty useless. You can look up a limited amout of hands I think but you only get an annoying text format which you can't copy for obvious reasons. But you can't order all hands by date, nor pot size etc which should be working? but it doesn't so looking up a hand is pretty annoying. A hand replayer there would be nice too. 

One idea I like is where you could select lets say 10 - 20 (more?) hands per day whilst playing and you would get these send to you or they would be available in the hand history tab in a way you can copy them maybe? Having a hand replayer on this forum would be nice too but I know all these things need developed and can't just be done in a short pediod of time. The way of doing it now where I need to take a screenshot whilst playing if I want to share a hand is all pretty clumsy.

A possibility of sharing Unibet Poker hands would also advertise the Poker business side of Unibet I guess.