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unibetslowplay Rank 9
Rank 9

Just had a bad experience with a player who most certainly was either multi tabling a great many tables or deliberately drawing down all the time before acting in each hand.  It was so unpleasant that I won't play again today.

Simple solution:  Reduce the time bank by 5 seconds each time it is used in a Heads Up SNG so that it will quickly be down to zero from multiple uses in the same game.

Hi @unibetslowplay, thanks for your thoughts on the matter. This has been reported in the past as well and it is something that we are looking into fixing to some extent. Sorry you had a bad experience, sometimes poker players do act in an unpredictable/strange way to throw others off their game, it's just the predatory nature of the game but I've understood that the guys in poker are looking into fixing this. Not sure about details, but I've seen it confirmed once or twice here in the Community Smile

Trixster61 Rank 10
Rank 10

This is a problem in all online poker rooms... its a pain in the rear.... timebank is supposed to be for emergencies... allow it to be used only if they are disconnected. As a programmer I can think of a few ways to check if they have lost thwir connection ie.. if they are responding on other tables.. od ping them.

Unibet Poker Expert Patric-Unibet
Unibet Poker Expert

Hi all,

we are currently working on chances regarding time to act, timebank and disconnection timebank.

We are currently working on the draft and hopefully can submit it soon and then it's a matter of time until it will be implemented.

We are aware that different issues occur with the current set up and will consider it in the changes.

Thanks for your feedback