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Rugrat Rank 3
Rank 3

Last night I sit down at a $25 Hexapro and as it starts I immediately notice that the other two players have exactly the same, (very unusual) alias. The only difference one has put a P at the end of the name and the other has an A.

I report it immediately to Unibet who respond by saying these are two completely different people in two different parts of the world. I reply reminding them of the ease of disguising a location but it's not the point anyway. Either this is the same person playing two hands, or it's two people closely connected and operating together. Either way I'm at a huge disadvantage.

Unibet say they will take a look but won't tell me what they discover. They say it's data protection. Frankly that's nonsense. I have told them that I want certainty that I am playing in a safe and well controlled environment. I don't want any data whatsoever to do with the individuals just that they have discovered something (what that is) and dealt with it (how). Also did they discover anything else?

I'm angry at the dismissive attitude and also concerned their systems may not detect when the same two people are playing together too often or that it has mechanisms to spot one person playing two hands. Using the same user name is more than a bit stupid but it might lead Unibet to discover a problem more widespread than just this   

NMPfan Rank 19
Rank 19

Since you can change your Alias on unibet all the time people will often make names very similar to other players they played with before, like a reg they played against, or someone that made a really bad play, just for funzies. Stuff like this Tongue 

2016-04-23 23_29_35-Unibet UK Tour €25 (tt3203634).png


Also when support say they're from different parts of the world, they're probably not referring just to their IP address, but also to their physical address in their verified documents. And as you said, it would be pretty stupid of them to cheat that way, especially when they can change at any time. 

As for the "we can't tell you bit" I think they're working on changing that part of the procedure, it seems like it was necessary based on some interpretation of some laws, but that interpretation might have been incorrect / exaggerated. 

wwaanneess Rank 18
Rank 18

Colluding and having the same alias... GENIUS!!! 

Rugrat Rank 3
Rank 3

Re NMPfan post (thought I had quoted)

I can see sense in that ... but I have never seen before. I just have to wonder at the chances of two people from different parts of the world and with no connection to each other but using exactly the same alias sitting down at a three hand table at the same time.

Brocky Rank 16
Rank 16
At the 25 euro level quite easy. If your SN is Rugrat, I could easily change mine to Rugratt or similar then sit a 25 euro game and be seated with you.
Unibet Poker Expert Patric-Unibet
Unibet Poker Expert

Hey @Rugrat,

I've seen your report and checked it also myself and it really is just a trolling between two players and no collusion.

As mentioned above, it would be pretty stupid if two colluders would use the same type of alias.

I understand that it must look weird to you but I can assure you, that nothing forbidden happened here.