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mafu Rank 7
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Hello to all,

after reading a bit in this community i think it will help me to get my withdraw faster.

I made my first deposit around 4 weeks ago and was asked because of my amount to verify my account. So i sent all documents like (id, proof of adress and skrill screenshot) and all was fine. My account is fully verified. On the 8th of oct. i made another big deposit but this time i won my bet and cashed out. I thought with a verified account i will receive my withdraw faster .On their homepage it says "Max. up to 12 hours per skrill". Well 12 hours passed and so i went to livechat and they were telling me, that there are sec. checks on my withdraw, because of that large amount and needs management approval. So i surely understand, that you need to do your checks and all fine by me, but on a verified account, why you again doing checks that taking now 4 days?!? Management needs 4 days to approve a withdraw for a verified account??? (surely it is management and they working only from 12:00pm to 12:01pm LOL - little joke *g*) Livesupport is telling me, it can take some days and they can't tell me how long it will take and this is the part that i personaly think is not ok. Why can't you give me an exact time frame, why needs a verified account another sec. checks? I knew from other sites, when you are verified, there is no delay because all the checks are already done. 
So can please someone from unibet @Jeppe-Unibet @Marco-Unibet look into this and maybe speed this up? 

Thank you


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mafu Rank 7
Rank 7

It has been settled, after 2 1/2 weeks after i sent the last documents, i finaly received today my withdraws! 

First of all i want to thank @Jeppe-Unibet for his help.

But what i think is totaly bullHeartHeartsHeart!!! is your sec. department! 

So a little advice for big winners here, if you were asked for source of wealth...if you can't prove every cent, where it came from you will have troubles here.

Here is my list, what i have sent them, it is up to you if you think this is ok or not:

  1. ID Front
  2. ID Back
  3. Invoice
  4. Skrill Profile Screenshot
  5. Payslip from feb (Was to old)
  6. payslip august
  7. Bank statement showing money from payslip august hit my account
  8. Payslip september
  9. Bank statement showing money from payslip sep. hit my bank acc.
  10. ID next to face front
  11. ID next to face back
  12. Insurance income
  13. Bank statement showing, that the insurance money hit my account
  14. Profile screenshot from an other operater to show my winnings
  15. Bet screenshot from an other operater to show what bet i made
  16. Screenshot from operator showing that i made a deposit and withdraw
  17. Screenshot skrill, showing that i deposit money to that operator
  18. screenshot skrill showing, that i received the money on my skrill acc. after i won the bet
  19. Bank statement showing, that i upload money to my skrill acc
  20. bank statement showing that i made a deposit from my bank acc. to skrill

After all this trouble i am really pissed about this and i will not play at Unibet anymore and what i have learned about this...as a customer you have 0 rights, they can treat you like they want and when i lost my first bet, NOBODY cared about where the money came from (and it was also 5 digits)....but when i hit the big win and wanted to cash out...OHH all sec. checks kicked in and they will tell you only, we MUST do this, this is because of our licence bullHeartHeartsHeart etc. I had the last weeks enough time to check the internet about unibet and there are plenty of complains with their sec. checks some are sooo stupid, you will not believe. At least it has been sorted for me but to give you all an little example, when i won at an other big bookie W***H***, they needed excaclty 6 hours to sent me a higher 5 digit withdraw amount! 

So like i said, it has finally been sorted, but this is no way to treat a customer and i will not play here anymore. Wish you all good luck for your bets etc. but the sec. dep. is crazy. Like i said, Jeppe was always willing to help and i appreciate his help. Thanks a lot!

Zipfil Rank 14
Rank 14


Hi and Welcome to the Community Smile

I have been in your possition so mutch I had to ask them to stop "poking" me lol....yes it was a little funny Wink

I totaly understand you but Unibet have teir reason for RG and strict security to protect you as a member.

I do recomend if you havent already to:

1: Download from your internet bank account the latest mothly statement, that show your account number\adress\bic\swift code and so on, uppload or send it to Unibet.

2: Also if you havent just send a picture\scan of your Passport.

3: If you use or have a Debit card connected to your Bank account, send a scan\photo of that to, just cover last 6 digets and the CCV code (3digits) before sending it.

4: Go in to your Unibet account and set a limit if you already havent...I set mine to 99 999 999,99 Wink

5: After that you can ask LC if they need more, usally it is now verified.

The main reason is that Unibet want you to withdraw big ammounts to your Bank account and they used to have a Skrill limit for withdraw...maybe that have changed but ...anyway also consider to ask LC to set a Block on your withdraw...like when you make \request a withdraw it is not possible to cansel it for continue playing with that monney. It goes to your account.

Dont vorry, Unibet will pay you but all members have to goe true the same....if you look att it from Unibets side there is a loot of peeps who trying to cheat them all the time, they just do this so the correct person get the cash.

Hope it helped, just be patient Smile


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Unibet Employee ReCorpH
Unibet Employee

Hey @mafu,


First of all apologies for the delay in withdraw. In case Jeppe or Marco don't pick this up later on, I'll check the issue at the office in the evening. 

Security checks are done on verified accounts as well, and we do these checks to keep your account and your funds safe. Small delays are expected during these checks, but 4 days should not happen, and if that is the case then it is a mistake on our side.

I don't have access to backoffices right now, but it sounds like a routine security check and as you said the withdraw needs what we call a dual approval. (Between employees and management) In case there is any document requests pending (Which you can see from your account) please send the documents asked for in good quality pictures. In case there is a request for a certain Credit/Debit card, please DO NOT cover the last 6 digits as you will have to send a new picture with the last 4 digits visible. 

Again, apologies for the delay and not being able to assist further at this moment. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.



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mafu Rank 7
Rank 7

Hello again, 

i did not mention, that i already asked the livesupport, if they need any more documents and they said "no, nothing is needed at time, all is ok". Like i said, all my verifications are done and my account is verified and no open request for any documents. I should only wait and management will approve it soon,but soon is like i said now 4 days ago.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@mafu Thanks a lot for explanining the situation thoroughly, we'll check up in today and if it hasn't been approved throughout the afternoon then try and have it escalated - apologies for the long wait.


mafu Rank 7
Rank 7

Today i received an email, that i should sent new documents.

ID next to face and that i should verify my bank account??? But i never used bank wire for deposit or withdraw. I used skrill.

I wanted to upload the documents, but was not possible, because it still says it all ok. When i entered livesupport/chat Merili told me, that this must be an misunderstanding.

So can someone please explain me, what is going on??? However i have replied to that email and sent all documents, so can @Jeppe-Unibet you please confirm and verify them and take care of the withdraw? Thanks

mafu Rank 7
Rank 7

And again, that livesupport told me now. I have to sent a source of funds. I have sent you also my salary via email. Guys, this is ging way to far....and is not ok. But well i have sent it, so can you please check and let me know. Thanks

livertool Rank 19
Rank 19

mafu wrote:

And again, that livesupport told me now. I have to sent a source of funds. I have sent you also my salary via email. Guys, this is ging way to far....and is not ok. But well i have sent it, so can you please check and let me know. Thanks

Well that is the first i´ve heard, source of funds? Really @Jeppe-Unibet ?

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BonusPater Rank 23
Rank 23

livertool wrote:

mafu wrote:

And again, that livesupport told me now. I have to sent a source of funds. I have sent you also my salary via email. Guys, this is ging way to far....and is not ok. But well i have sent it, so can you please check and let me know. Thanks

Well that is the first i´ve heard, source of funds? Really @Jeppe-Unibet ?

It's a type of request that's getting more popular, as we see more markets implement their own local regulations. In Denmark (and believe it might be the same in the U.K.) the operators are required by law to be able to prove the source of funds in certain cases. Operators have been heavily fined for failing to do so, and ultimately they risk losing the license, if failing to comply. So there's really no option for the operator, and in my opinion it's a very reasonable request under certain circumstances. If a customer is losing a lot of money, and he doesn't have a job that should allow him to responsibly lose these sums, it's more than reasonable that the bookmaker requests a source of funds, to be able to determine, if the account should be closed for responsible gambling reasons. It can of course also be for anti money laundering reasons.

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psrquack Rank 22
Rank 22

I read almost all the verification delay posts and it seems to me to avoid those humiliating procedures (make a photo with your credit card in your hand at midnight when the new my little pony friendship is magic season started and show us your toenails in the background) never use a card card and never make a deposit only grind up yourself and if you want to make a withdraw only use an amount less than €100 or so.