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Tzoero2 New member
New member

Hi there. I have been trying to deposit for a while now , and I all the time get the message “your deposit couldn’t be completed, please check you credit card details, and if the problem persists please contact your bank”. I have contacted my bank and they say there shouldn’t be a problem. So I contacted support for the first time and they said I should verify my account with proof of ID and proof of address in order to solve the problem. So I did that, and after I verified my account I tried depositing again, and I kept getting the same message. This is pretty frustrating after the time it took to get all the documents. I hope I can get help here and hope this problem can be solved soon. Thanks in advance

Hi @Tzoero2, welcome to the Community Smile
We had another look and the deposit error does indeed seem to be coming from your bank I'm afraid. What we did now is to re route you to another payment provider of ours and would like to ask you to try again whenever convenient for you. If the error persists, I can see that it is tied to the 3D Secure authentication SMS that you are supposed to receive from your bank. Adjusting that to properly work would be vital. Let us know how it goes.