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Purps Rank 21
Rank 21




Here is the final leaderboard.

Once again congratulations to all the winners Thumbs Up

Thanks also for all the kind words. I don't answer all ( or any ), but I appreciate them all Hearts

TOP-10, please leave a reply with how you would like the prize to be distributed between FBM and Poker Points ( at least half of it should be FBM ) Ok


1.@hajnalmaya96 207,94€200 FBM / Poker Points
2.@HonorTheGame 198,13€150 FBM / Poker Points
3.@fele007 195,63€100 FBM / Poker Points
4.@whereisrivaldo 193,08€80 FBM / Poker Points
5.@AlexandruDobrin 190,74€70 FBM / Poker Points
6.@totowizmar 187,36€50 FBM / Poker Points
7.@LeVsKaRa 184,26€40 FBM / Poker Points
8.@andy1 183,93€35 FBM / Poker Points
9.@FreedoM 183,81€27.50 ( ? ) FBM / Poker Points
9.@DvT1 183,81€27.50 ( ? ) FBM / Poker Points
11.@maruni 182,54€10 Free Bonus Money
12.@dj-man 179,84€10 Free Bonus Money
13.@TTABKATA 178,66€10 Free Bonus Money
14.@pinki 177,75€10 Free Bonus Money
15.@seetank 175,35€10 Free Bonus Money
16.@Iceman 175,25€10 Free Bonus Money
17.@MadAdo 175,13€10 Free Bonus Money
18.@tomek009966 172,43€10 Free Bonus Money
19.Purps171,41€10 Free Bonus Money
20.@polarbear 170,49€10 Free Bonus Money
21.@Karmasuper 169,41€10 Free Bonus Money
22.@AndreiBN 166,08€10 Free Bonus Money
23.@Livertool 165,82€10 Free Bonus Money
24.@WuDu 165,43€10 Free Bonus Money
25.@dynamo 164,85€10 Free Bonus Money
26.@marius0928 164,43€10 Free Bonus Money
27.@Kamon 163,40€10 Free Bonus Money
28.@Want2Believe 162,45€10 Free Bonus Money
29.@deanspleen09 162,18€10 Free Bonus Money
30.@Michelle293 161,72€10 Free Bonus Money
31.@JokerJames95 161,12€10 Free Bonus Money
32.@koki1989 159,11€10 Free Bonus Money
33.@Mattey83 158,98€10 Free Bonus Money
34.@RobPro11 158,85€10 Free Bonus Money
35.@Thurddzz 158,09€10 Free Bonus Money



Purps Rank 21
Rank 21


Forgot to add that TOP-10 leave a reply if you have not yet done so Happyshy

DvT1 Rank 10
Rank 10
WuDu Rank 22
Rank 22

@Purps wrote:

@WuDu wrote:


I only received 1 credit so far: 1000 points for the overall leaderboard. However on Saturday during round #9 I also finished in the 10 Euro FBM/Poker Points slot, this one is still missing.


I believe the 1000 poker points you got is actually the round 9 prize ( you selected poker playthrough bonus ). Overall prizes will be credited later.


Thanks @Purps.

Points or free bonus, doesn't matter to me...

"I only understand friendship or scorched earth."
–Roger Ailes
whereisrivaldo Rank 13
Rank 13

€40 FBM + €40 in poker points, thanks!

hajnalmaya96 Rank 10
Rank 10

Thank you for the great competition @Jeppe-Unibet  @Ray-Unibet and thanks @Purps for work! Hearts

I would like €200 FBM.

Congratulations to all participants and all winners! Thumbs Up

AlexandruDobrin Rank 13
Rank 13

70 FBM for me. First time I compete and it was super fun and frustrating with all the goals in last 30 seconds. Many of the picks I also had on my betslips.

Poker's a day to learn and a lifetime to master. ~Robert Williamson III
Mattey83 Rank 10
Rank 10

€10 free bonus money pls! @Jeppe-Unibet. @Purps. Nice competition! Congratz to all winners!

HonorTheGame Rank 10
Rank 10

@HonorTheGame wrote:

Thank you @Ray-Unibet , @Jeppe-Unibet, I can see the individual rounds prizes are in. For the overall prize, I would like 75k poker points and 75 Eur Fbm (split in 3x25 euro, if possible)    Congrats to all participants, especially to @hajnalmaya96, you crushed me in the final round, well deserved. Thumbs Up

@Jeppe-Unibet , don't split the FBM anymore please. Sorry for the double post, It wouldn't let me edit the first post again.. Thanks.

Thurddzz Rank 12
Rank 12

Thanks @Jeppe-Unibet for the competition and to @Purps for efforts updating the leaderboard.  

Goodluck everyone