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Community Manager
Community Manager

Refer a friend to the community and enjoy a great community value package for the both of you!

If you got friends or family who you think would enjoy hanging out on the community, now is the time to let them know. Many people have enjoyed our Unibet refer a friend program, we're hoping to carry the succes on to the community Smile 

Here's how it works:

  1. Have a friend sign up on the community - he/she does not need to be a new Unibet customer, but only new to the community.
  2. The new member must post in this thread within 15 minutes of signing up, that he/she is referred by member X.
  3. When both the referrer and the referred member reaches rank 12, let us know by posting below, and you'll both be eligible to receive the community RAF package within 5 days.
  4. If the person you wish to refer is also a brand new Unibet customer, feel free to make use of the regular RAF offer as well Smile

Terms and conditions: 

  1. Members of the following countries are not eligible to refer or be referred: Denmark, Italy and Russia.
  2. Both members taking part in the referal, must have deposited at least £25 while being a Unibet customer.
  3. Both members taking part in the referal, must have reached rank 12 before RAF package is released to any of the two.
  4. To avoid bonus abuse, we will check posts of referred members as per the community guidelines, and reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time. 
  5. The bonus package will be added within 5 days of reaching rank 12.
  6. New member must post in this thread within 15 minutes of signing up, to let us know that he/she was referred by member X.

The community RAF package consists of the following for each of the two members who are part of the referral:

€10 Free bet

0.50 X 10 Cash Free Spins on Starburst

€20 worth of poker tickets of your choice

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AndreiBN Rank 26
Rank 26

Great idea @Jeppe-Unibet .Hope more quality members will join this awsome community.

Even if romanian members are not eligible for this promotion,i'll try to get as many as i can in here Smile

"When things are bad, it's the best time to reinvent yourself"
Norppa1988 Rank 3
Rank 3

Hi !!! I have been invited by Hewel/Mungigare

Hewel Rank 10
Rank 10
Community Manager
Community Manager

That's awesome @Norppa1988, we're happy to have you here and hope that you'll have a great time Smile 

And here's to @Hewel for being the first member to make use of the new community RAF program!


Norppa1988 Rank 3
Rank 3
taft Rank 13
Rank 13

Hi, I've been referred by langesaknale. He was worried he only joined yesterday so not sure if the referral counts, but even if it doesn't that's fine. Smile

Unibet Employee Marco-Unibet
Unibet Employee

@taft, welcome to the community Smile And thanks for referring your friend, @langesaknale Peace

No big deal - the referral program still counts for you guys Happy

Ironbluff Rank 6
Rank 6


I have been reffered by cvita1008.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome @Ironbluff, we're happy to have you and hope, that you'll have a good time on the boards Smile