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Kamon Rank 11
Rank 11

@Darkangel7 Congratz! 

I always just miss the requirements (if rank 10 is needed I have rank 9, now I have rank 10...)

Maybe next time!Rofl



Ametrine Rank 21
Rank 21

@Darkangel7 Congrats for winning! Smile For getting into top 10 of this freeroll, you and other 9 (if they played with their community alias) have secured a place in the final:

27/08: 7:30 PM CET - €400 worth of UOS tickets GDT - 4000 starting stack and 8 minute blinds.

Mynona Rank 17
Rank 17

Congrats on the win @Darkangel7  Thumbs Up  Its always nice to win a community game Smile

GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22

Morning has broken. 

Occasionally I have a night when I don't sleep very well, and if I wake up early and can't get back to sleep I just have to get up. The time is 06.17 BST and already there are 57 players on the 2-4c and 5-10c NLHE tables, but I feel a little too groggy to start poker so have to find something to occupy myself till the rest of the world wakes up, and thinking back to last night's terrific entertainment in the community freeroll I thought "What about a quick update", so here goes.

There was plenty of chat while the tournament was going on, everybody having fun, and it struck me how different it was playing against names that you come across regularly, rather than unknown aliases, and I thoroughly enjoyed that aspect. When you've been put all in only to discover your opponent has flopped a set it doesn't hurt quite as much when they apologise in the chat, and next time I'll remember what happened and try to exact a measure of revenge, knowing who I'm up against ( @xdiediex1 Smile ) Being knocked out a while later, I thought I might as well watch the rest of the tourney, you never know, I might even pick up some useful information for future reference, and anyway I had been enjoying it so much I was reluctant to leave. How sad is that? Sad

So welcome to edited highlights of  "The Final Table".

@pinki was the unfortunate "bubble boy" going out in a highly creditable 10th place, missing out on the final table but later realising he was the first to qualify for Monday night's Final, a small but significant compensation.

Screenshot (371).png Short stacked and having to push he ran into AK with K9o, neither improving, and the final table was set. The blinds were 800, 400, ante 100 and the contenders with approx bb's are:

@Darkangel7        58

@Want2Believe    40

@comanimal         25

@Rushbie             20

@scared-crow       16

@Stuart                 15

@Psycho79           13

@triceraatopp       12

@radge1                 6

Apologies for the broadcast quality, the hole-card cams weren't working, the table mics were on the blink so no chat could be picked up from the players, and the editor's fingers sometimes missed the right button.

First to hit the rail was Psycho, a small pp not holding against Rushbie's Ace.

Screenshot (359).png

Next to go, radge with small suited connectors hitting a promising flop, but no help on the turn or river saw him bow out to the ever increasing stack of Darkangel.

Screenshot (360).png

This is where the technical issues arose, and some blithering idiot's fat fingers pressed the wrong button ( how much do we pay these guys? ), so unfortunately the money bubble of triceraatop was sadly missed, ( we start re-hiring today ).


Into the money, the business end of the deal, six battle hardened veterans facing each other with no quarter asked or given, hopes and dreams on the line, all to play for in the intense cauldron of............( Edit: Get on with it, new screenwriters being hired tomorrow. )

A desperate shove from the shortstacked stuart ( can't remember who shoved, but it writes well ) with a pretty AQs saw him fall to a pocket pair, down to five.

Screenshot (362).png 

Scared-crow and Darkangel had been trading chips with each other, both obviously with their eyes on the prize, and comanimal was next in line as they both had him in their sights. A lady for the lady saw comanimal felted and Darkangel's stack grow again.

Screenshot (363).png 

Apologies again to everyone else, but want2believe had been my pick from the start, I just felt he had the upward momentum going into this, and starting well to build up his stack things were looking good. He'd lost some pots but a small pair saw him bounce back up again.

Screenshot (364).png

Another all in saw honours even, both maybe thinking they had it. 

Screenshot (365).png

Time for the big stacks to do battle. Rushbie and want2believe must have been delighted, but to be fair to Darkangel and scared-crow, neither were going down without a fight.

Screenshot (366).png 

Down to the big three, well the big one and two medium ones. Aces look good in this situation, and the flop gave rushbie hope, but it was not to be and a lady for the lady with ladies (see what I did there?) saw off a creditable 3rd place finisher.

Screenshot (367).png 

A short time later and a desperate last attempt at a comeback was foiled by a flopped straight, with only a J for want2believe to stay alive.

Screenshot (369).png

Darkangel swoops to a well deserved victory, the money, bragging rights, sponsorship, interviews, film appearances, chart success......................ok the money's nice.

I enjoyed it, a different dynamic with "known" faces, let's do it all again tonight.Smile

Run good all. Thumbs Up







It Is What It Is
Want2Believe Rank 15
Rank 15

Haha. Love it! Thumbs Up @GR1ZZL3R You are the best and only community commentator Very Happy

GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22

@Want2Believe It's really hard to be second best if there's only one, Rofl but I do try. I was writing for two hours, tried posting and somehow lost the second half of the post when it failed to appear, so did a shortened version from halfway.Veryangry  I'll be back tonight, are you. Scared

It Is What It Is
Want2Believe Rank 15
Rank 15

@GR1ZZL3R post editing f*ckups happend to me too few times...yeah. Dissatisfied

Donno yet about tonight. I've already secured place in the final Cool

Darkangel7 Rank 14
Rank 14

Great read Smile 

TBH I didn't want to look what was up top. All I knew is that there was so many left till the money and was gonna take it one bust out at a time. Was modding as usual on Iany's stream and half keeping my eyes on chat and half on the table. The amount of gl and TID on the stream was over whelming. The funniest part was when the 3 minute delay caught up and Iany finally caught up with what I was up to. It felt like it went from 15 to bubble slowly, then on the bubble, then bust, then ITM 12 lol. Would have been happy with that as had about 33 pence in my account at the time and thought that would be a nice little bank roll builder. Still not looking at what was up top and another one falls by the way side, another ladder up, happy days.  So put 5 in chat then the amount. Then I think I ko'd 2 at once, but not sure, so that left 3! 

The 3 down to me winning went by so quickly. Only just had time to put HU in the chat and a few minutes later, I'd gone and won it! Everyone was congratulating me in chat so the 3 minute delay finally caught up on the stream and I think Iany was wondering what all the congratulations was about, when he finally realised i'd binked it, it was so funny. 

The other day one of our twitch and unibet family started his first ever twitch stream. @maestro1908 and he had fantastic support from the community as well as the usual twitch family. Was fantastic to see great numbers for his first ever twitch stream. He played Kenny Rogers, The Gambler. Now I know this will sound strange but I used to have that song buzzing round my head and I knew when Kenny was there I was usually in for a good run. He'd been awol for months and months. So blame Maestro for playing my song. lol

Good luck to you all playing in the next community games. I will be staying away from them so you will all be safe. Good luck, run golden and may the cards be in your favour. 


pinki Rank 22
Rank 22

nice post @GR1ZZL3R  OkHearts

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22

Thanks @pinki and nice post @Darkangel7, I do occasionally watch twitch, totally forgot about maestro, full intended to watch, sorry, what's TID, don't know a lot of shorthand, love The Gambler, used it on @Want2Believe blog the other day. Gl in the final, hope to join you but I'll have to pay now Teardrop

It Is What It Is