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Livertool Rank 24
Rank 24

You can use FBM and/or freebet to make your bet?


To bet or not to bet, that is the question.
Community Manager
Community Manager

@RobPro11 wrote:

Maybe to lure People into taking more risks, you can reward the highest correct odd of each round? So you can decide tot take the risk and try to win a price but also increasing the chance to be eliminated

@RobPro11 I like the idea, but the problem for me with it is that it could give someone a possibility to wait until the last day of a round and see what the highest odds is so far, and simply just go for this one prize. I find it a bit against the idea of the competition which is consistency Smile

I've added a "Survivor benefit though": 

Survivor benefits:

Every three rounds there's a survivor benefit for anyone still in the competition at that point. The first survivor benefit will be a €5 Free Bet to anyone who qualifies for round 4. 

Also, the plan is to start a hot streak betting competition after a few rounds of this one, not sure exactly when because I want to see how many gets knocked out in the first 3 rounds. The hot streak competition will basically work the same as this one, but with the required odds increasing each week up to a set number(last time it was 2.00) Smile

@Livertool I've added(or tried to formulate it at least Smile ) That the players with the highest combined odds so far in the competition will earn the prizes in case that happens Smile

TDW Rank 16
Rank 16
@Jeppe-Unibet, it has been asked before, but not answered before i think: are combinations allowed (that obviously all have to be finished in the given time window)?
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Community Manager
GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
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MadAdo Rank 18
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ROUND 1 (Slovakia Ice Hockey opportunity):

bet.pngOver 5 goals in regular time

TheStrongMan Rank 10
Rank 10
GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

@TheStrongMan wrote:
can you post only once in this 7 day period?

@TheStrongMan  Yes unless your bet becomes void, then you get another chance.Thumbs Up

It Is What It Is