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Community Manager

Hi there,

We've tried making community promotions as easy as we could, but just to make sure we avoid as many mistakes as possible we’d like to present for you this small general guide on how to make best use of the offers. 

  1. One promotion - one topic.
    Each promotion will have its own thread and any specific requirements for participation will be outlined in the thread through the promotion description and Terms & Conditions. Please don't post any new topics  with questions about the promotion, moderators are monitoring the official promotion thread and will be able to help you there.

  2. Read the promotion description and rules in the specific promotion thread.
    This one is rather self-explanatory, but please read the full promotion description in order to avoid mistakes, like posting a placed bet after start of match when it was required to have been placed before. Our customer service agents see these issues daily, and by far the biggest reason for a mistake made, unfortunately is because something was not read by the player trying to take part in the promotion.

  3. Ask the community if you aren't sure.
    If you feel something is unclear in the promotion description, please ask about it ahead of time by posting your question in the respective promotion thread. Help is only a question away, but if you made an error and hold off on asking your question until after the promotion has already started, then we might not be able to offer what was promised in the promotion description.

  4. Terms & conditions - Should I read them?
    We’ll always try to mention the most relevant information in the promotion description, but some things do not really belong there and some conditions are the same for many promotions, like the one saying you can only make use of the offer on your own account. 
    We cannot say that you shouldn’t read the terms & conditions for the promotion you are about to take part in, because i'd be best if you did Smiley Happy But what we’ll try to do is put the conditions that differs from the norm more so than others at the top of the terms & conditions section of the promotion.

    If you have any general questions about our promotions and competitions, feel free to ask Smiley Happy


    The Unibet Community Team
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jonarna84 Rank 5
Rank 5
Good breakdown and very clear. TY Unibet!
Funkypappa Rank 10
Rank 10

Very nice Smile))

The first 100 years is hard, after is easier...
robb-75 Rank 13
Rank 13

hello yes no unclear where in any case so very well written Sincerely, Robert

bigbadbass Rank 9
Rank 9
slimline111 Rank 10
Rank 10

all read :manwink:

almost there almost
CharismaMan Rank 20
Rank 20

This is the first message in unibet community. I hope we are enjoy this development. Heart

... we win together.
torasp Rank 10
Rank 10
stromboli Rank 10
Rank 10

 Finally There..Unibets Community

and pushing promotions too


Hemsedal1 Rank 10
Rank 10

I'm with you on unibet good and bad:smileyhappy: