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Community Manager


The classic Community Poker League is back and live from December 2nd, where you once again can compete for a Unibet Open 2020 package as well as additional Unibet Open ticket prizes!
Your five best results throughout the league count towards your final leaderboard score. So play a few, or a lot, but most importantly have fun with it and enjoy a chance for a Unibet Open Main Event prize exclusive to community members Smile

Round 3 Passwordshttps://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Passwords-and-Signups/Community-Poker-League-Password-6th-of-Dece... 

The league will run throughout December and January, here are the basics on how it works:

  1. We'll have two tournaments a week each with a €4 buy in, taking place on Monday and Thursday evenings at 8:30/7.30 CEST/UK time.
    All tournament passwords will be announced on the community, by a link here in the thread on the day of the tournament. 
  2. Each tournament features a guaranteed €250 prize pool. Both the cash and points toward the overall leaderboard go to the top 20 finishers.
  3. To be eligible for the leaderboard points, you must play with a poker alias identical or very similar to your Unibet Community alias. 

Standings in the spoiler:

Player Top 5 scores
_MaGs_ 42
AceJackTwin 40
OmNomNom 35
Robpro11 35
traart 30
Mattey_83 30
TotalRecall_ 30
X0Y 29
comanimal 27
eliminator3 25
Messwithme92 20
ragnarok88 18
rushbie 18
Pinki 18
ProGame 16
Causality 16
chester110 14
kamon2 14
Kevathallam 12
michaelco1 12
SeriousBeats 11
shobolanul 10
miziel 9
Battle_Sheep 9
Av0kado 7
cristihot 7
livertool 6
Argevolen 6
12388 5
Kickpuncher5 4
cris128512 4
Icyman 3
FaiDeaEmo 3
bebemic 1
tara_771 1

Your five best results throughout the league count towards your final leaderboard score. 
In all league tournaments, the points go to the top 20 finishers, no matter the number of total entries. Click the spoiler to see the points available:

Position Points
1 40
2 35
3 30
4 25
5 20
6 18
7 16
8 14
9 12
10 11
11 10
12 9
13 8
14 7
15 6
16 5
17 4
18 3
19 2
20 1

1st: Unibet Open Package
2nd: €250 UO ticket
3rd: €100 in UO tickets
4th: €75 in UO tickets
5th: €50 in UO tickets
6th-16th: €25 in UO tickets

Rank 18+ members who play at least 5 tournaments in the league takes part in a raffle for a €250 UO ticket.


All tournaments start 20:30 CEST, Monday and Thursday.
December 2nd
December 5th
December 9th
December 12th
December 16th
December 19th
December 23rd
December 26th
December 30th
January 2nd
January 6th
January 9th
January 13th 
January 16th
January 20th
January 23rd
January 27th
January 30th 


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psrquack Rank 26
Rank 26
Community Manager
Community Manager

@psrquack wrote:

Is there any imfromations about buyin?

Good one, €4 for all tournaments Smile

Messwithme Rank 16
Rank 16
radge1 Rank 18
Rank 18

Looks interesting @Jeppe-Unibet I can play 10 of them so I'll give it a go Wink  

Livertool Rank 24
Rank 24


Leaderboard spoiler is empty.

To bet or not to bet, that is the question.
psrquack Rank 26
Rank 26

@Livertool wrote:


Leaderboard spoiler is empty.

We all know you will win it, so it's a feature.Tongue

Ja-z-Polszy Rank 15
Rank 15

December 27th its Friday. I think its Christmas shift, yep ? @Jeppe-Unibet