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Community Manager

We're one day away from the SuperBowl and the 10th round is live, find the game list and post your picks ----> here <---- and test your NFL prediction skills in the community Oracle competition, taking place over the last ten rounds of the NFL season. All community members are welcome to join and score points for the overall NFL Oracle Leaderboard featuring €1000 worth of prizes!

Now you might be asking yourself, if I join the competition, can I watch the games? Well yes, if you're a player on Unibet, there's a good chance that you can watch NFL games streamed directly in the sportsbook, click here for more information Smile 

A bet of at least €1 on any of the selections in the bet list, read more below Smile

Leaderboard is here!

The basics: 
The first round starts on November 24th and there are ten in total, with 13 bet picks to be made in each - or as close to it as we can get.
To join any of the rounds, you must copy the game list provided on the sign up board, enter in your picks and post them, before the first game of the round starts.
The game list will be posted on the board at least two days before the games start.
You score points for your picks as per the odds shown in the game list.
The leaderboard will be handled by our very own leaderboard maestro @PurpsCool and updates posted here in the topic and thread.

How to compete
You can take part in one of two ways:

  1. For free. By posting your picks and finishing in a prize position, all prize values are paid out as a Free Bet of minimum odds 2.00 - 1/1.

  2. By place a pre-match bet and posting a screenshot of it in "The Oval Office - NFL Betting" thread before or during the first games of the round. The bet can be in any market of the games within the round, and must be of a stake €1 or higher, or the equivalent in your local currency.

  • By posting the screenshot, you are eligible for these cool additions to the competition:

    - The option to select between Bonus Money and Poker Points for your prizes.
    - Green Slip Jackpot possibility in all rounds. 
    - Hot Route Bonus: The member with the most green hits in a row on the match list gets €10. If there are multiple members with the same best streak total, the €10 carries to the next round.
    - Red 7: If you get seven or more consecutive picks incorrect on the game list, a €10 bonus is added to your account. 

Oracle Leaderboard and Prizes
Each round has prizes for the top 5 finishers: €30, €25, €20, €15 and €10.
Your top three scores in round 1-10 count towards the overall Oracle Leaderboard, prizes are in the spoiler:

1st:   €200
2nd: €120
3rd:  €100
4th:    €80
5th:    €60
6th:    €50
€7th:  €40
8th:    €30
9th:    €20
10-30: €10

To have the option of choosing between Bonus Money and Poker Points for the final leaderboard prizes, you must have placed at least three ACCA bets, within any of the ten rounds. If you haven't placed the bets throughout the competition, you may enjoy the leaderboard prizes as Free Bets at odds 2.00 - 1/1. Fine prizes either way Smile

There might be a small change or addition or two, but this is our 2020 Unibet Community NFL competition and I'm excited to present this to you up until the Superbowl - good luck to all Smile


Terms and conditions:

  • General Unibet Terms apply
  • We reserve the right to amend or cancel the promotion at any time
  • You must be a member and have access to the promotions board to take part in this competition.
  • Only one entry per member, anyone found using multiple accounts will be banned from future promotions.


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MadAdo Rank 19
Rank 19

@Jeppe-Unibet  well, @MadAdo  is on a fire right now Happyshy:

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt nfl oracle image

I'm taking my helm-off Ok ... well done -> I'm IN ready to compete and show my ORACLE skills Speechless

psrquack Rank 26
Rank 26

I want to shove my SAP skills instead of ORACLE. Is this also allowed?

FunckyFish Rank 14
Rank 14

@Jeppe-Unibet You are on fire with these great promos! At least here in the community to be happy with Unibet Smile

Merenitsu Rank 23
Rank 23
psrquack Rank 26
Rank 26

@Merenitsu wrote:

im in / when start?

On the 24th of November.

GN1991 Rank 15
Rank 15
Nestabear Rank 23
Rank 23

Nice 1 @Jeppe-Unibet 

I'm in 🇿🇦👊🏻 

Edit by Jeppe-Unibet: Edited title post.

Always remember... You can be... do... or have anything your heart desires !
Whoever Rank 15
Rank 15

I believe last time when i participated in similar NFL competion - picking underdogs paid off so let's see whether this strategy woeks again or not ... Wonder