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 Hi gang!

This one will be a bit different from what you are used to and the change comes in the form of how we calculate the Big Win Multiplier. Before we used to take each Big Win and that was the final multiplier that registered you in the promotion. This time, the average of 3 Big Win's are required in order to make it on the leaderboard.
This change should make the competition a bit more interesting and it will make it easier to compete against other players.

Good luck! Smile

Terms of use:

 1. The tournament winners will be found through having the highest multiplier of 3 separate spins. E.g If you have 3 high multipliers in a week and post them here in this thread we will register them and make the calculation to find out the average multiplier of those 3 spins based on the following calculation (Multiplier 1 + Multiplier 2 + Multiplier 3) / 3 = Average Multiplier 

2. If you post more than 3 screenshots we will remove the smallest multiplier and replace it with the one last provided. 

3. All games found on the Unibet site are eligible for this promotion. 

4. You must have the maximum number of paylines active in the game you play.

5. Any Bonus round, any free spins won in a bonus round all count as long as your spin is made with real money - no holds barred!

6. You must provide a screenshot of your winning round in the thread for it to count towards the promotion. The screenshot has to indicate that it's from Unibet's site and it has to show the initial bet + the winnings (e.g. by showing the whole page and the time of the spin together with the "play for real/play for fun") 

7. All multiplier screen shots have to be posted within 24 hours of the payout!

8. General Unibet terms apply.

This Big Win Casino Tournament runs from the 12th of July till the 22nd of July 00:00


 Prizes will be credited as Cash Cash Cash

  1. €100 - Access to the Fantasy Sports Freeroll
  2. €70 - Access to the Fantasy Sports Freeroll
  3. €40 - Access to the Fantasy Sports Freeroll
  4. €25
  5. €15

 Leaderboard:    Updated 23/7 12:26 PM

  1. @Nospheratu - 712,5 Equalized Multiplier
  2. @bebemic - 677 Equalized Multiplier
  3. @pinki - 464 Equalized Multiplier
  4. @HAI_ROMANIA - 411 Equalized Multiplier
  5. @norbee-  228.5 Equalized Multiplier


Good luck gang ! Happy

BonusPater Rank 24
Rank 24
@bebemic, such an ugly game, but nice wins Very Happy
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Boby Rank 17
Rank 17

Here are some small Sexy wins HahaIn LoveCheeky  worth a prize for this Rofl


bebemic Rank 10
Rank 10

I forgot to make a photo , but ... 

Azi 15:22:583874801062_ROGarden of Riches - Câştiguri-711.00

 I HOPE  it's enoough , bet was 1 leu so ... X 711 multiplier.

Livertool Rank 23
Rank 23

@BonusPater wrote:
@bebemic, such an ugly game, but nice wins Very Happy

Is there novo that is not ugly Tongue but who cares when they can pay.

Nice hits indeed Smile

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