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Rushbie Rank 22
Rank 22

Some time ago there was this guy who out of nowhere thought about giving (yea,go figure Wonder) the community people a whole tournament from his own pockets. Even when there's no certainty can it be done, the thought itself is something quite beautiful. Think the elves were whispering something about this Psycho79 being behind the goodwills, and imo they are right, such actions should be rewarded.
No idea which present would be better. I'd give them both Thumbs Up
Edit. And when it comes to giving someone something good despite the rules, give the other present to psrquack for his heartwarming gesture of encouragement towards another community fellow.

"Wise men know their limits. Great men have no limits."
NMPfan Rank 19
Rank 19

I might be too late, damn my sleeping schedule, but same as @BillyR23 I would say that @Ametrine should get a ticket for being so helpful, and basically running the chat during the Unibet Open, MTT ticket if it happens Cheeky

leesimmo Rank 10
Rank 10

@Larisa as she is one of the Ladies keeping girl power going for the opposite s*x just like the Spice Girls did back when Tony was in number 10 and I was still at school (showing my age). Baby was my favourite... prob still is haha.

Seasons greatings everyone from Manchester... England Smile

Tillus Rank 13
Rank 13

if not too late, I'd nominate @Psycho79 for his running the giveaway tourney

Magicadil Rank 25
Rank 25

Thanks for the kind words @DepchZ

I would like to return the favor and give back to @DepchZ for his amazing blog, great contributions & willingness to help others when needed.

I debate
Should I smile like everything's good and pretend that life is great
Or should I let the world see the real me and not hide this pain
I tried to be like the rest of y'all, sorry I just can't
I'ma probably die this way
jerry Rank 19
Rank 19

My pick is @BonusPater for making a customized style for a sportsbook In Love. Make it a ticket.

the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist
Ametrine Rank 21
Rank 21

If Santa still has gifts left by the time he reads this post, then a poker ticket for @cris1285 for being a helpful member of community for a long time now Smile


Nestabear Rank 22
Rank 22

My pic goes to @Magicadil for being a all round good guy & all the help & support he has given to the community in the past. Thanx Santa

Always remember... You can be... do... or have anything your heart desires !
Thurddzz Rank 12
Rank 12
If Santa will be naughty this year , i will ask him to give a gift to @Nestabear ( first one to reply on my message ) . Have a Merry Xmas and a Prosperous New Year everyone.
Livertool Rank 24
Rank 24

Thank you @psrquack, you are my favorite duckie in the world Smile Like elephant, i never forget 


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