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Marekss Rank 17
Rank 17

This one is hard 😂😂 but I will go by

A. 2-0 ( Fernando Verdasco to win this match with this score )

pittpitt Rank 21
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cris1285 Rank 21
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danmarius78 Rank 10
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FaiDeaEmo Rank 10
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B. 2-1 ( Fernando Verdasco to win this match with this score ) .

danmarius78 Rank 10
Rank 10

@AndreiBN wrote:

For our second stop in this tennis journey we will stay another day in the beautiful , but pretty breezy city of Beijing. Where, , we will be spoiled with some great tennis matches and despite the season is almost done, still plenty of on court fights will be happening, as money and pride are in the game.

And for our 2nd match , we will visit this time the ATP mens event and our attention goes to one particular match.

With all that being said,we have ... :

The tennis match of the day : Fernando Verdasco vs. Gael Monfils ( Scheduled to start TBC - 02.10.2018 )

And correct score prediction #2 for the daily giveaway on the 02.10.2018 is :

A. 2-0 ( Fernando Verdasco to win this match with this score ).

B. 2-1 ( Fernando Verdasco to win this match with this score ) .

C. 0-2 ( Gael Monfils to win this match with this score )

D. 1-2 ( Gael Monfils to win this match with this score )

Simply post your prediction , A. 2-0 ; B. 2-1 ; C. 0-2 ; D. 1-2 ., in this thread and get a chance to walk away with a €30 prize of your choise ,credited to your Unibet account .

Deadline for this question is : TBC ( 02.10.2018 ) Best of luck!!!

Question: At men's tennis competition score can ended like 3-1, 3-2, 1-3,2-3,3-0, 0-3because the winner must take 3 sets from 5 so the variants from your posts are valid only for women 😂😂; these things being said you should update your predictions tennis challenge... just saying 😝😂.

Camilio Rank 18
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Nospheratu Rank 13
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Ivanus Rank 14
Rank 14

@danmarius78  that think with 3 of 5 it's only for grandslams

But for example Andrei asked for a tournanment from Beijing (China) where both womens and men's are playing 2 of 3

GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

@danmarius78 Dangerous territory there, questioning our resident expert. This is not a grand slam and I believe the betting suggests they are playing best of three. Rofl

Just saying.Rofl

It Is What It Is