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Ho Ho Ho Gang Smile

The festive season is kicking off and what better way to start the month of December than with some Free Spins. I have been convinced by Private Ray and Captain Jeppe, to once again host the Community Advent Calendar so here it goes.
Every day there will be something new for you here and today paralel to the main Advent Calendar running on Unibet you have the chance to boost your winnings with the Community:

The main offer requires you to simply open the brand new and Christmasy "Jingle Spin" slot to receive 5 Free Spins and and that’s not all. You can also opt-in to our Lucky Spin Tournament for a chance to win even more, with the top 500 players able to win over 6,000 Cash Free Spins.

"-But what about the Community offer Santa?You might ask... Well my dear Community members, Santa is giving you the chance to win 50 euros wort of CashCashCash Free Spins. All you need to do is play on any Slot of your choosing, preferably Christmas tjemed but that is optional Smile
"-Ok Santa, but what are the rules"  The only rule is that you need to post a picture of your Multiplyer here in this thread Smile you can play with Bonus Money, with Cash if you opted in the promotion and even on "Play for fun" mode.


1st place - 1 euro Cash Spins X 50 on Jingle Spin 


HoHoHo Santa.gif





Accepted Solutions
TDW Rank 14
Rank 14
@TTABKATA, i think that one was with 60 coins (x220).

PS.: not sure exactly how this contest will be judged, since all slots are allowed, how will you avoid people posting old screenshots? Or is that allowed? @Santa-Unibet
pinki Rank 21
Rank 21

@Santa-Unibet  "fun mode" really ? Coolthen we are going on a hunt Popeye  

and deadline  is 23:59 1.12.2018 ?

and one more question : Big win?  you meant  biggest multiplayer? Smile

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
Michelle293 Rank 14
Rank 14

Great promo @Santa-Unibet , but i can't play this game, it's not available.

GN1991 Rank 11
Rank 11
mateace Rank 9
Rank 9

 not available in my country too


Annvandevelde Rank 7
Rank 7
jerry Rank 18
Rank 18


the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist
deanspleen09 Rank 13
Rank 13
GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22

Screenshot (1131)_LI.jpg 

Fun mode after winning 60c with free spins. It was fun actually. Rofl

It Is What It Is
YlarP Rank 14
Rank 14


 Didn't get a good picture, but my best is 7050 Smile Also got €1,25 with those 5 cash freespins