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Very first weekly news letter

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From this week forward I will be trying to gather stories from the community and put them together in a weekly news letter.

Below you will find the very first community weekly news letter.

I have started off using this format of news letter, as it is something I am familar with but I would appreciate any suggestions of what people would like to see in a news letter and how they would like that information presented.

All constructive feedback welcome Smilecommunity.pngLinks from articles:-

Yearly awards

MathrimCs poker journey

Refer a friend










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Keep us informed when/where we can subscribe to this newsletter Smile

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@Mynona, there'll be more information about this next week Smile 

Shout-out to @jonny2192 for his brilliant initiative! Jazzhands

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I am all ears!In Love

Rank 18

This is awesome, a good idea!!!

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Great preview! Cash

Rank 21

Will it be every saturday that an issue comes out?

OR you don't have a dedicated shedule for that? Smile

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@VikingsAF The aim is too get a news letter out every Saturday. 

Rank 19

Looks awesome.

Proud I made the first one Cool

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Wow! This is Great! Awsome job @jonny2192
Rank 18

Impressive how you come along with one great idea after another @jonny2192! Looking forward to read the weekly newsletter Smile

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Rank 21

It,s very hard.

Good  job !!!!!!!

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nice to read this news Smile thx for all info 

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@Livertool @Purps

i found this one 😂😂😂