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2016 Year In Review & Yearly Awards

Community Manager

2016 was the year the community was born, and what a year it has been.
The first members joined in May, but let's start at the very beginning, before the community was even live.

It all began in May 2014, when I had an interview with my new manager. I had just become part of the Customer Experience team in London, and he presented all of the teams ongoing and future projects. One of the projects was to launch an ideation platform similar to http://mystarbucksidea.force.com/. I thought this was great, as that was something I had thought about for a while, but having recently used the communities of Spotify, Skype and many others, I thought we should go for a full community platform rather than just focusing on the ideation. My boss was onboard pretty much from the moment I suggested a complete community platform, and I got the pleasure and honour of driving the project.
Initially we thought, or at least I did, that we could probably have the platform ready by Q3-Q4 of 2015 - I'm always very optimistic.
Everything from writing the business case to getting it approved by the board and negotiating with the supplier took longer than I had expected, and by the end of 2015 there was no Unibet community, but we were getting closer with the business case being approved and the negotiations with the supplier almost being over. Our goal was now to launch before the Euro starting the 10th of June, and preferably by early May.

February 2016 we had a project plan ready; we we're going to invite the first customers the 10th of May and would do a public launch on the 25th of May - if everything went smooth that is. It was a tight deadline, and not much should go wrong for us to miss the Euro deadline.

To my - and probably a lot of others - big surprise, everything went fairly smooth, and the community was officially born the 25th of May, when we invited a few select customers, who had expressed interest in the platform in a survey. @Valkyrie@tehumardi1@NMPfan@ReCorpH@JillianP and @Mynona were a few of the members who signed up in the first week, and we're extremely happy (and surprised) that you haven't gotten tired of us yet and left Smile

A week later we did the public launch where we added a few links on the Unibet domain and sent out a lot of emails. We had around 300 signups during the first few days, and a lot of these great members are still active; @MoreTBC@pirahn@Hoovers and @jonny2192, just to name a few. 

During the first 4-6 weeks we did a lot of promotions, and some of them were - in hindsight - way to big, in terms of the prize pool, considering the number of participants - you're welcome Very Happy. We were also running a lot of promotions with no real requirements for quality contributions to the community. The promotions meant a lot of posts - pretty much every single member was posting - but the quality of the content was... well... shit. Naive as I am, I didn't expect so much abuse. 
Well, we learned from this and started having much higher requirements for the promotions, which very quickly resulted in an improved quality of the posts. Just to make it clear; when I'm talking about quality, I don't mean the level of English. 

The period after the Euro until the football season started was pretty quiet, but as soon as the ball was rolling in the European leagues and everyone was back from their summer holidays, the traffic increased. 

The last couple of months have been great, and overall I'm very, very happy with community. I've been very surprised about the very positive atmosphere we had on the community from day one. I had my concerns with Unibet being a bookmaker and all, but we have barely had to intervene 10 times since the launch. So, a big thank you to all you awesome members who make the community so great - it's thanks to you that @Marco-Unibet, @Jeppe-Unibet and I really enjoy coming to work every day.

The community is far from perfect, but we're slowly but surely getting there. In January I should have a lot more time to work on technical improvements, so we can get all the annoying bugs fixed (the main one being the page jump when trying to write something on mobile). We'll make a few more changes to the way we do promotions, with the goal of only rewarding the members who actually contribute to the community, and rewarding them even more. We hope to see at least 30 community members at the UO in London in February. 

I really tried to keep this short, but still kinda failed, and l feel I've left out so many things and want to write a blog post 3 times as long as this one. We better get to the important stuff:

Community Awards 2016

Until now the most prestigious badge you could get was the "Member of the Month", but this is about to change. We introduce to you, the Community Awards of 2016:

Member Of The Year 2016


The member who overall contributed the most the community.

Calmer Of Storms 2016


The most helpful member who's always at the ready with expert advice.

The Comedian 2016


The funniest member who often make you smile/laugh.

Blogger Of The Year 2016


The author of the best blog on the community

Expert Tipster Of The Year 2016


The member providing the community with the best and most profitable betting picks

Likes Champion 2016


The member with the most likes during 2016 (not in the survey).

We've nominated a few members for each award, but it's 100 % up to you who'll win. 

Go to this survey http://customerexperience.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2aX3FmPNEWnz1Zz to vote Smile

The winners will be announced the 30th, and there'll be some really nice prizes, especially to the Member of the Year Smile

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Rank 17

@jonny2192, so Mike Dentale won member of the year last year!?

Rank 24

Cate Hall going to destroy Dentale in the heads up. She could probably destroy him in a fight also Cool

Rank 21

@MathrimC Had to google that one, I think would be an ideal suit for the next UK tour.

At least you would have the nutz every hand Smile

Rank 21

Can we keep this comp fair please. 

Really obvious attempt at manipultion going on.

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My last picture is a pun, "member" is an alternate word for the picture.

So the picture is a "member" of the year suit. 

Thinking back on it, I thought I better point this out, wasnt meant to be an insult, sorry if it looked that way to anyone Smile

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@Magicadil In the lead now for the likes Smile


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Rank 21
Rank 21

The forum is broken Smile

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@MoreTBC where did you even get that page?

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Top liked authors is on the home page for me. I have it set to all time but I'm guessing it doesn't cound likes in the off topic section where as the profile one you have does.

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@MoreTBC Didnt realise you could change the date range Smile

Rank 15

 Well,I do hope that @Magicadil is going to be one of the winners, so active and willing to help other members that this community would not be same without this member

Rank 21

When does voting end? Says the winners announcement is the 30th in OP but no mention of when I can stop campaigning to be Tipster of the Year.

Rank 21

I also need 2 badges to beat Jonny for my own fictional title of 'Boy Scout of the Year'... Does anyone have any tips?

Rank 21


Just be more active in the community, the badges will come naturally. Rofl

Maybe convert one of your blog posts to 58 alternate posts, Theres enough words to do it. Rofl


Would be nice to know if there is any competition left in the voting. I have my tour bus ready and waiting to go and will pick you up @MoreTBC for a UK campaign as long as we going for different awards Smile


Rank 21

I've been PMing everyone about voting for me in the Tipster award. Andrei might seem like the obvious choice but my tip has always been to follow his thread which basically makes me a better tipster. I'll happily join the campaign trail to promote my genius ways.

Probably need to be nice and get likes and help and stuff for another badge.. Sad If they had badges for words typed I'd be taking home the award easy.

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My first year in review on the community.

I first heard rumours of the community at the end of 2015 beginning of 2016 and waited and waited for more news.
Then while in Malta at the UO another twitch user told me about unibetcommunity.com

On my return from Malta I started my first posts on the community at the beginning of June.
I also started doing my ticket exchanges here, which while saving Andrew valuable time has probablly been a big job for the community guys.

My first big thing I did on the community was create a load of poker guides on how to use the software.
Which can be found here
Just sad that the guides are not much use now with version 2 of the poker client released. Sad

Hopefully when the software is settled down again I will make some new guides.

I got a big suprise from the community in that first month, I got made the very first ever "member of the month"

For a few months a did a game called pokerphrase where the whole point was to drive as many members insane as possible Smile
see the first one I did here, this is something I would like to do again as its a fun game. Smile


In August I started a project to make a community slot.
I really want to finish this, just real life got in the way at the time.

More recently I had an idea for a promo to have fantasy betting on the UO this had ups and downs but was an overall fun game and hope we can do it again.

Also of note this year in the overall community not just this site.
Went to a UO and 4 UK tours and met loads of great members and Unibet staff.
Helped a lot with the streams,best part of was scaring the poop out of David Smile

Hoping to do what I can to help build the community bigger and better.

Hoping others join and help build.


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Last day to vote. Let your voices be heard people Cool

Rank 21

Getting excited now, so near the results. Smile



Rank 22
@jonny2192: hey, don't be so excited. I'm sure you will be amoung the winners.
Rank 17

I'm looking forward to the results Smile

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Sweet ass new wallpaper!

Special Ed award?...



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I've really been enjoying the pre-show on E!

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 Now I'm really getting excited to see who won Very Happy 

How many members will there be announced per topic? Very Happy

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There should be a betting competition for whether they will break the deadline or not Tongue haha

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I see some gold badges and I must congratulate @AndreiBN(Calmer Of Storms 2016, Expert Tipster Of The Year 2016), @jonny2192(The Comedian 2016), @Magicadil(Member Of The Year 2016, Likes Champion 2016) and @MoreTBC(Blogger Of The Year 2016): well deserved guys and keep up the good work in 2017 too Cool

Rank 21

Are there going to be some end of year stats? They're completely pointless but I'm assuming it'll be easy to generate with the forum software. The usual stuff, users for the year, posts, likes, most viewed post, pie chart of countries represented.. you know the stuff I mean Smile

Rank 21

@MoreTBC They are counting words used in posts, Obv the software wont be finished counting your word count for a year or two Rofl