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2016 Year In Review & Yearly Awards

Rank 24

2016 was the year the community was born, and what a year it has been.
The first members joined in May, but let's start at the very beginning, before the community was even live.

It all began in May 2014, when I had an interview with my new manager. I had just become part of the Customer Experience team in London, and he presented all of the teams ongoing and future projects. One of the projects was to launch an ideation platform similar to http://mystarbucksidea.force.com/. I thought this was great, as that was something I had thought about for a while, but having recently used the communities of Spotify, Skype and many others, I thought we should go for a full community platform rather than just focusing on the ideation. My boss was onboard pretty much from the moment I suggested a complete community platform, and I got the pleasure and honour of driving the project.
Initially we thought, or at least I did, that we could probably have the platform ready by Q3-Q4 of 2015 - I'm always very optimistic.
Everything from writing the business case to getting it approved by the board and negotiating with the supplier took longer than I had expected, and by the end of 2015 there was no Unibet community, but we were getting closer with the business case being approved and the negotiations with the supplier almost being over. Our goal was now to launch before the Euro starting the 10th of June, and preferably by early May.

February 2016 we had a project plan ready; we we're going to invite the first customers the 10th of May and would do a public launch on the 25th of May - if everything went smooth that is. It was a tight deadline, and not much should go wrong for us to miss the Euro deadline.

To my - and probably a lot of others - big surprise, everything went fairly smooth, and the community was officially born the 25th of May, when we invited a few select customers, who had expressed interest in the platform in a survey. @Valkyrie@tehumardi1@NMPfan@ReCorpH@JillianP and @Mynona were a few of the members who signed up in the first week, and we're extremely happy (and surprised) that you haven't gotten tired of us yet and left Smile

A week later we did the public launch where we added a few links on the Unibet domain and sent out a lot of emails. We had around 300 signups during the first few days, and a lot of these great members are still active; @MoreTBC@pirahn@Hoovers and @jonny2192, just to name a few. 

During the first 4-6 weeks we did a lot of promotions, and some of them were - in hindsight - way to big, in terms of the prize pool, considering the number of participants - you're welcome Very Happy. We were also running a lot of promotions with no real requirements for quality contributions to the community. The promotions meant a lot of posts - pretty much every single member was posting - but the quality of the content was... well... shit. Naive as I am, I didn't expect so much abuse. 
Well, we learned from this and started having much higher requirements for the promotions, which very quickly resulted in an improved quality of the posts. Just to make it clear; when I'm talking about quality, I don't mean the level of English. 

The period after the Euro until the football season started was pretty quiet, but as soon as the ball was rolling in the European leagues and everyone was back from their summer holidays, the traffic increased. 

The last couple of months have been great, and overall I'm very, very happy with community. I've been very surprised about the very positive atmosphere we had on the community from day one. I had my concerns with Unibet being a bookmaker and all, but we have barely had to intervene 10 times since the launch. So, a big thank you to all you awesome members who make the community so great - it's thanks to you that @Marco-Unibet, @Jeppe-Unibet and I really enjoy coming to work every day.

The community is far from perfect, but we're slowly but surely getting there. In January I should have a lot more time to work on technical improvements, so we can get all the annoying bugs fixed (the main one being the page jump when trying to write something on mobile). We'll make a few more changes to the way we do promotions, with the goal of only rewarding the members who actually contribute to the community, and rewarding them even more. We hope to see at least 30 community members at the UO in London in February. 

I really tried to keep this short, but still kinda failed, and l feel I've left out so many things and want to write a blog post 3 times as long as this one. We better get to the important stuff:

Community Awards 2016

Until now the most prestigious badge you could get was the "Member of the Month", but this is about to change. We introduce to you, the Community Awards of 2016:

Member Of The Year 2016


The member who overall contributed the most the community.

Calmer Of Storms 2016


The most helpful member who's always at the ready with expert advice.

The Comedian 2016


The funniest member who often make you smile/laugh.

Blogger Of The Year 2016


The author of the best blog on the community

Expert Tipster Of The Year 2016


The member providing the community with the best and most profitable betting picks

Likes Champion 2016


The member with the most likes during 2016 (not in the survey).

We've nominated a few members for each award, but it's 100 % up to you who'll win. 

Go to this survey http://customerexperience.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2aX3FmPNEWnz1Zz to vote Smile

The winners will be announced the 30th, and there'll be some really nice prizes, especially to the Member of the Year Smile

Rank 17

Great post about the genesis of this forum Smile  and a great way to celebrate the end of year with those awards Thumbs Up

Good luck to all the nominees !!

Rank 23
I still miss the biggest Schalke fan member award:-). Btw nice awards and I'm really happy being a part of this awesome community.
Rank 25

@BonusPater @Marco-Unibet and @Jeppe-Unibet i think that we are the one that should thank you for creating this community.It has become part of my daily routine and i just hope it will continue to grow in the upcoming years.

I'm not really a guy that spends a lot of time on forums,but this one just had what it need to make me stick with it.I remeber that i've joined it because i needed a password,like a lot of members did,but i find it so interesting,so i wanted to check it out.And the members being so friendly,and helpfull just made me feel extremly welcomed.

Also,just being part of this amazing community gave me the opportunity to have such a great weekend in Bucharest with you.It was just awesome to meet some many of you and realise that you are even much cooler in real life and this is all one big family.

So,thank you again to you and to all the members here.

Rank 20

I'm also glad to be part of this awesome community and thanks to all the members around here that made me feel like a member of a great family Cool

Hopefully I'll manage to meet many of you in the future and share a few drinks and chat face to face too Very Happy

Rank 13

Psrquack wrote:
I still miss the biggest Schalke fan member award:-). Btw nice awards and I'm really happy being a part of this awesome community.

After tonight match there could be some new fans or ... haters Rofl

Rank 14

Likewise, I just love the feel of the community and log in most days to read the inspiring/entertaining/informative posts.

Thanks for giving us such a great space, and for all the wonderful promos Laugh

Rank 10

Awesome community and great idea about community awards 2016. Like @AndreiBN i'm not a forum guy myself but i really enjoy what you guys have done here.

Best of luck to all the chosen peeopleWink

Rank 25

What an incredible year it has been. Lots of great people & never a dull moment. And just like all great endings it's all in the people's hands now.


Rank 21

Very interesting to read the backstory about how the community came to be - it took you 2 long years, but I'm glad you stuck to the plan Smile I also have to say I'm not much into forums, but this one is special - the amount of friendliness and helpfulness is something I would have never expected in a forum related to poker/betting etc Smirk

Don't really remember why I signed up, but I'm happy that I did - there are often interesting/entertaining posts to read, if there are any issues with the client, people are reporting it and that way you know you're not the only one dealing with it, have had lots of fun taking part in community freerolls and streams, experienced super quick and friendly customer service from the mods,  and of course, I have to mention the craziest reward that could ever drop into my lap - winning one of the superuser freerolls and getting to experience UO Bucharest (still can't believe it actually happened) :Satisfied:

This forum would definitely not be the same without Stubbe and the other guys behind it - you all have done a superhuman job running it so far and I'm sure the improvements on it will continue Smile And a community is a mirror of it's members - so big thanks to all the original and new users who are active, friendly and helpful Smile

(I feel that I should throw some criticism in here too, to keep my opinion balanced, but I don't have anything negative to say, sorry Smirk )

Rank 17

I dont usually write that much, i enjoyed more My excel sheets... Have to say that this time since i joined have been interesting to say the least. Been all from backstabbing to great moments of joy. Just want to join for the praise of stubbe, Marco and Jeppe among others in the team, your work has made this comunity what it is. So give me a competition to keep track of, and im more than happy, since im not a man of bloggning and giving betting tips to others ( mostly cos i really cant predict anything ) but few of you all can beat me inExcel Very Happy


Rank 23

Good luck to everybody.

I really enjoy the community and variety of differet posts and games.

The community guys do an excellent job of thinking up new stuff.



Rank 13

Excelent job..keep it that way! Very Happy

Unibet Employee

Hey all you lovely people!

What a journey this has been from the start!

When I first joined the community, I had no idea how much it would mean to me, and how much it could change my life. What one simple internet forum can do to a man is simply over and beyond my understanding.

I joined the community to take part in a freeroll like many others. That freeroll then expanded and I'm right now freerolling my life 2800km from home. I'm in a new home. I owe my gratitude to @BonusPater for giving me the great tip about a spot at the support. I owe you one! 

I could've never imagined 3 months ago that I would be living in Malta by now, working for the best possible company there is to work for, Unibet.

2016 started really HeartHeartsHeartty for me, but it has gotten better and better and better. Can't wait for 2017! Hope that you all enjoy the community as much as I do, and hope you all keep doing the good work you do for the people! 

By players, for players. Rockon

Rank 19
Really interesting to hear the story of how the community was born, @BonusPater. And since it is in fact your "baby" it must be wonderful to see how much it's grown in less than a year. Yes, there were some "growing pains" in the beginning, but you dealt with it like any good parent and managed to keep the good atmosphere throughout - which is also why so many of us from the "starting group" have stuck around. I didn't really know what to expect when I first joined, but one thing is for certain, I haven't regretted it for a moment. Smile I usually don't hang out on forums either, but this one's actually hard to stay away from - and the main reason for that is all the awesome community members - and of course @BonusPater, @Marco-Unibet and @Jeppe-Unibet (and the product experts) who take such good care of us on a daily basis. You really should be proud of what you've achieved here.Smile Sure, who knows, there may still be some unruly "teenage years" up ahead, but whatever happens we'll deal with it together - as a community.Smile
Rank 10

@Stubbe-Unibet @Marco-Unibet and @Jeppe-Unibet  keep up the good job and good luck in the future Smile

Rank 23


"Sure, who knows, there may still be some unruly "teenage years" up ahead, but whatever happens we'll deal with it together - as a community.Smile"

Think we just had the terrible twos.

Remember when we had to put @BonusPater on the naughty step for deleting the betting results because the little one raided the beer cupboard.

Then there was that time @Jeppe-Unibet made trick numbers in the community bingo game and everyone had different numbers based on there posts per page page. This little bit of naughtiness made one poor member think they had won.

Who can forget the time @Marco-Unibet went streaking round Malta and posted all the pictures on the community, my poor gran she was so shocked checking out the community that morning(she did ask if i could get marcos number though, so must have seen something she liked)



Hope are mods will learn from there mistakes and we wont need to ground them as teenagers Smile

ps. The Marco story is made up, I couldnt think of something he did wrong of the top of my head but i just couldnt leave him out.

I would also like to say thanks to the other people who are part of Unibet and make this community great because its not just what happens here but the whole extended Unibet community which includes 2+2,Twitch,UK tour,Unibet open.

So here goes

Thanks for our twitch fun @DaVitsche Sjlot sam and Hensipensie for his emergency fill in streams also Mr Convey for comentary in the UO games.

Thanks to @Andrew for pushing the poker client forward and his presence on 2+2

Thanks to @DavidP_Unibet for all his work at UK and UOs and all his behind the scenes work

Thanks to @Robin-Unibet for all the work he does behing the scenes.

Thanks to @ReCorpH for first being a member and now as part of the Unibet team.

Also a big thanks to all the rest of the Unibet team that help build this community, i know there will be a lot other names that help it grow that I just dont know.

My biggest thanks goes to all the members that come here day in and day out to join in and help this community grow and grow. There are so many members that i just couldnt list you all.





Rank 19

What else i can say, everything is written by other members. This community is really great, thank you for making it - the story how it made is just awesome. A forum can change somebody`s life like did with @ReCorpH, its amazing. This site has the family feeling what you cant experience on any other forum. When you go on twitch to enjoy the stream from Sjlot, Sam or David, you feel you chat with people who you know. This is a huge, and still growing family. 

I wish many many more years, fun and peace! And of course good luck for the candidates. Thumbs Up

Rank 23
@jonny2192: "ps. The Marco story is made up, I couldnt think of something he did wrong of the top of my head but i just couldnt leave him out." Remember the friendship between Marco and the added freespins./kappa
Rank 17

Great community  , and you got no competition from others.  I should know , I have been everywhere.  Wink



Rank 21

This is great Very Happy Ofcourse thank you guys in the first place. @Marco-Unibet@BonusPater and @Jeppe-Unibet. If anyone would ask why they should join, I will tell them first of all about you (and then ofcourse about the great promo's you come up with Very Happy )

I only joined 2 months ago and felt really welcome from the beginning, that's the reason why I tried to be active aswell. Ofcourse in some periods that's harder than in others. I do have a lot of work and other stuff on my mind. But apart of that I feel really appreciated aswell Smile

Last weekend I really found out why this community is so great. This forum is online based and everybody on here could just be some keyboard warrior who is social awkward in real life, but no! All the guys and girls I met were really awesome. They were as kind and warm hearted as I tought when reading what they posted. I really had one of the greatest times that I can remember Smile

It's cool that I am nominated for the member of the year, but in no way I can compete against big boys like @AndreiBN@jonny2192@psrquack@Ametrine and I could go on.

So 2016 was a great year for the community, but I believe 2017 will be many times bigger Smile

Good luck to the nominees!! Very Happy

Rank 23
@VikingsAF: did I mention that one of my votes went to you yesterday? (not trolling)
Rank 23
Oh, and 2 others liked my previous post. Please guys, let me keep the rest of my votes private.:-)
Rank 14

Joined this community about 3 months ago, and it has been great all the time. Helpful staff and community members, competitions and challenges all the time and a good spirit overall!Smile

Looking forward to spend more time here, it isent always easy with a lot of things going but will make more effort here.

So, everbody keep up the good work!Thumbs Up


Rank 13

Thank you @BonusPater for opening up the history books a bit. It is always hard to open up new services (like this forum), but this community has hit the floor running and kept on going ever since. It has been very nice to be here, lots of nice people. Keep up the good spirits in 2017 as well! Smile

Rank 15

Dear friends!

There have been a nice time with you.

First thanks @Marco-Unibet@Stubbe-Unibet and @Jeppe-Unibet for this opportunity. Good job!Smile

Thank you  @Valkyrie @NMPfan@ReCorpH@JillianP, @Mynona , @AndreiBN @Ametrine-always friendly and helpfulThumbs Up fun @Nestabear, good companions @Magicadil ,@Superfast, @Pipiltin and all other active participants!

Good luck to the nominees!!Allalaaditud fail (12.jpg


Rank 13

Hello ... yes they are incredibly fun to it all was that they were on a huge thanks to all involved in the community that made the possible to get the to act as an they do on they came to pose tively reached at Unibet now on ... we will soon set in 2017 so will be incredibly fun to experience a whole year here in the forum really looking at the most you should know guys .... so thank you for coming

Sincerely robb-75

Rank 24

56 members have cast their vote so far, and there's just one vote in difference between the 1st and 2nd place to become the member of the year! Smile

If you haven't voted yet, you can do so here: http://customerexperience.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2aX3FmPNEWnz1Zz

Please note that each member is only allowed to vote once Wink

Rank 23

Most exciting elections ever Smile



Rank 8

hy guys. can someone from here to help me? i update the unibet poker room and now don t start. is only from my laptop or  is from unibet?

Rank 25

@elvisbet200 Lots of people with this problem. I think best to wait till tomorrow because they might release new version which should fix this.

Rank 23
I think it would be fun if you guys would organise one MOM SUper Freeroll for the MOM users with some crazy bounties and live coverage and commentary.
Rank 14

I like that idea, it could become an end of year tradition, and if all previous years MOMs could join it would just get bigger and better each year!

Rank 23

@BonusPater Wasnt sure on best place to post this, so put it in two places mentioned in the two main stories.



Rank 24

@jonny2192, looks good! In January I want us to start with a weekly newsletter in a blog format. I'm considering if we should maybe let a member (or more members) write these Wink

Rank 23

Can help out if needed and sure there will be others willing and able as well.

I like putting a summary in the type of format above as it looks nice and is easy to share via social media.

I have a nice little program that makes it easy to do once you figure out the little oddities. Smile

Unibet Employee
I'm really glad we have such a friendly and welcoming community, feels like it has been running a lot longer than half a year! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helps make it what it is, here's to an even better and bigger 2017 Smile
Rank 23

Secretly filmed another members camaign meeting.

Just shows how much people want this title Smile


Thanks @Ametrine for quality control of grammar. Smile

Rank 21

@jonny2192 Now I'm wondering whose campaign meeting this was that you filmed (I only assumed it was your own) Smirk

Rank 23

@Ametrine It may have been my own, might have just been embarassed to admit it was me Smile

Rank 24

@jonny2192 & @Ametrine great job with the video!! Very Happy

Rank 19

Good job, well deserved for the winners Smile

Rank 21

@WWhite The voting is still open, winners are announced on 30th December Smile

Rank 23

@WWhite as @Ametrine said voting is still open @BonusPater was just saying nice things about the video post I added and ametrine helped proof reading Smile.

You can cast your vote here:-

We've nominated a few members for each award, but it's 100 % up to you who'll win. 

Go to this survey http://customerexperience.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2aX3FmPNEWnz1Zz to vote Smile

The winners will be announced the 30th, and there'll be some really nice prizes, especially to the Member of the Year


Rank 19

Yes, @jonny2192 I had seen and already made my vote, ty Smile Thumbs Up

Rank 25

Andrei is winning minimum of two categories (likes champion, Expert tipster) 

Blog will go to MoreTBC

Comedian Jonny2192 

That leaves Member of the year and Calmer of Storms. Andrei again has good chance to take both but it'll be very close.

Rank 20

@Magicadil you deserve to win IMO at least one category too* you're also the only member that reached rank 24 Thumbs UpCool

but yeah, your predictions are spot on and I would be surprised if any big "upsets" will appear... 

Rank 23

@BillyR23 Stubbe reported 1 vote between 1st and 2nd on Tuesday.

I was presuming one of them was @Magicadil

Rank 22

Where is the fantasy betting on the results Stubbe? I need you to get drunk again and  send me to the second UO stop Wink

Rank 24

@Magicadil, not a bad prediction Smile

@MoreTBC, haha, can't believe you missed the competition? It was posted yesterday evening but disappeared from the site around 4am (still investigating how that happened - don't remember anything). 

Rank 23