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Total Ball possession (%) by Away Team. Over 53.5 Smile




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@startelver wrote:

Dear Santa  , 

I am confident my bet will lose , so I post the screen shot now , but if it's a winner you can forget it. 






Why not? There is a great chance for under if the game isn't too open from the beginning. And MU failed to score at Old Traford vs Valencia despite their many attempts esp at the second half...

Also the statistics are in favour of U 2.5 :

Valencia have scored over 2.5 goals just twice in their last 19 matches (in all competitions).
Manchester United have conceded their fewest CL goals at this stage of the competition since 2011 (two)


Mine bet however is for surprise value (not much to lose with this great offer) and I'll post it too:





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I dare to post this here already as I am playing Unibet Open Series and surely forget to check it during midnight poker break. And it surely loses with my runs Very Happy