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pittpitt Rank 20
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@FreedoM wrote:

@pittpitt wrote:
@Ray-Unibetwhat your stance on that subject?
that seems overboard disrespectful to me

Just because it sounds surreal doesn't mean it isn't true, i had my fair share of going trough hell after that stupid move, and even today it's still not the same. The only thing im sorry is i got triggered by this subject and probably i will the rest of my life.  Whats bizarre and as you say it "overboard disrespectful" was you PM'in me with negative vibes out of nowhere, then asking me to not post in your thread, witch i respected your wish, followed by ray saying yeah i will investigate, still no response btw.  Witch was no problem, i regretted i posted that because i was thinking it was no big deal, maybe you were drunk and all was in my head. But now its crystal clear you think i'm the devil, i don't share the same feeling btw.  And debating on any topic with you is pointless, because you already made your mid on how its gonna go. Most people advised me i should totally ignore you, but somehow i always fall in this trap of responding. #FailFish

my fault my bad @FreedoM keep it up buddy